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  1. hohDougRN

    For Halloween?....

    Drunk Billy Mays? haha... a bit.... disturbing
  2. hohDougRN

    Are you ready for the Spring season?

    Bott- is that a pic of your dog taking a dump? LOL kidding. I couldn't be more ready for spring for golf, softball, camping and staying outside all the time
  3. hohDougRN

    What are you thinking about? Part VI

    Im thinking I'd like to relive our golf vacation from last weekend. It was therapy no money can buy. But golf season already almost here now anyway
  4. hohDougRN

    How is your weather today??

    Was in 40's, but winds from NW sustained at 30+ with gusts locally over 70. so it sure felt cold
  5. hohDougRN

    Lost one of my HA's

    I am just getting another Naida S V UP
  6. hohDougRN

    Lost one of my HA's

    I have good news on the lost hearing aid fiasco. Turns out I did purchase lost/broken insurance and just had to pay $450.00 to order a new one which is MUCH better. It should be here with new earmold on Wednesday :)
  7. hohDougRN

    Lost one of my HA's

    I have done everything everyone mentioned. We spoke with the ambulance company, the place I had the seizure, reported serial # to audiologist, checked though out my car like 10 times, checked the clothes I was wearing. Who knows maybe I'll get surprised and find it someday but won't expect to...
  8. hohDougRN

    Your National food of your home country

    Lets see....since everyone got America covered, I will share things I had from Holland my family's motherland. There are lots of good dairies and custom cheeses everywhere. Fries with mussels and cheese, and also fries like poutine served in France. Also had rookwurst that is often served...
  9. hohDougRN

    What are you thinking about? Part VI

    thinking of my golf trip next weekend with my brother, cousin and close friend. WARMTH and sun, will be so much fun
  10. hohDougRN

    How is your weather today??

    snowed a little today, but now strong north winds and very cold outside. Im ready for my spring vacation next weekend.
  11. hohDougRN

    Whats your Kryptonite?

    dogs who are ill, in pain, or disheveled
  12. hohDougRN

    Lost one of my HA's

    Not a bad idea, but I was in a public situation where the seizure was involuntary of course and afterwards you are disoriented. Anybody could have saw and grabbed it. It sucks to lose stuff or potentially stolen when you are in a vulnerable situation.
  13. hohDougRN

    How is your weather today??

    Overcast skies all day today but much warmer than the average high. We tied a record high for the day at 61 F which was well welcomed.
  14. hohDougRN

    Lost one of my HA's

    Geez, I been so miffed for last couple weeks cuz I lost one of my Naidas. Story goes that I had a seizure in Wendover, NV and was taken all the way back to Salt Lake. I have no clue where it is and I have retraced all my steps many times. I think they should have GPS. Using just one is...
  15. hohDougRN

    What are you doing right now?

    saying hi to all my friends here on AD after a looooong hiatus. Hope you all had a great valentines day!
  16. hohDougRN

    What's the going rate for Naida 9S (SPICE) UP BTE in yor area?

    for my pair of Naida S V UP, and my icom ran me 4450$
  17. hohDougRN

    HA makes sound

    :D hey sally. I am doing well thank you. Yeah I had a long hiatus, but I'm back.
  18. hohDougRN

    Getting the newer UP spice Naidas..

    that sucks that u were only able to get one Naida Alica. I have been trying out my new naidas with my stethescope and it is better than my old aids, but still not very ideal anymore :( As far as speech discrimination it is better for me with the Naida S V UP's. Good luck Alicia and I hope it...
  19. hohDougRN

    HA makes sound

    FF, maybe u need a checkup from the neck up :laugh2:
  20. hohDougRN

    What are you thinking about? Part V

    hmmm, I haven't seen any GS cookies being sold around here yet. I hope I didn't miss out on them. As far as the gallon challange of milk, I did that once. After finishing the milk off quick I thought I had it easily beat- till 20 minutes later without notice I vomitted a ton of curdled milk...