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  1. Chonni.Silué

    Hello all single deaf women 23-30

    How are you ?
  2. Chonni.Silué

    Hello single girls

    How are you ?
  3. Chonni.Silué

    A wife to start a family...

    Hello world, hey girls ! How are you ? I look at the proposals posts...but no really best dating website for only deafs. I'm looking for a serious deaf/hoh girl about 20 - 33 years old, for marriage, start a family, want a child. I'am 29 yo, soon 30, hoh(speak english/french, signing asl), web...
  4. Chonni.Silué

    Want A Single Deaf Girl For Marriage

    hello, i'm 28 yo (1.71m tall, slender, 59kgs), hoh signing asl, speak good french, and english quite well. I'm a programmer & web developer, living in Africa. I'm looking for a single deaf woman for marriage. thks!!!
  5. Chonni.Silué


    Hello world, hello all deaf ! Just say l'm back. tks
  6. Chonni.Silué

    During the summer vacation period, I'm back -)

    how are you ? I was too busy with my programming, now I'm available up to two month. :cool2:
  7. Chonni.Silué

    who are deaf programmers or deaf students in programming ?

    Juste want to discuss experience with deaf programmer or deaf students in programming. I code in c, c# and Java now. thank
  8. Chonni.Silué

    free funding of scholarships for Gally...possible ?

    I have just one question : I don't know if there can be to obtain the free funding of scholarships for Gally ? (I am living in west Africa)
  9. Chonni.Silué

    Green card then Gallaudet university...possible for me ?

    You know, the green card's registration will be soon close. Many sites asked to pay for the registration. Yet free as it's officially said... impossible to know if your dossier is treated. I'd really continue my studies at Gallaudet University but the financial ceiling costly for foreign...
  10. Chonni.Silué

    Is there a single woman for me here ?

    Hello there! I'm................Chonni Silué, deaf hearing, single, 26 yo, student 2nd year of computer programmation, 1m73 for 54 kgs. From Abidjan................I need a single woman for serious relationship.
  11. Chonni.Silué

    How to manage the subtitle?

    Hi, I always used VLC player to read my videos with subtitles but sometimes I am faced with the delay of the subtitle (can appears after the voice). To do this I calculate the offset (in ms) between voice and subtitle before pressing the G or H keys to vary the speed. But even if I managed to...
  12. Chonni.Silué

    Exchange with specialized teachers and trainers

    Hello, I would like to get contact with specialist teachers or trainers ing education for the deaf in secondary. I also need anyone willing to help me to plan my project on training and development of teachers of high school for the deaf here in my country. thank you
  13. Chonni.Silué

    Where to meet Cougar deaf and single ?

    I am a Young deaf looking for a mature deaf woman and single Hello. My name is Chonni. I am young deaf from Abidjan and I speak french but I can write in english. I am student and my ambition is to become a deaf contractor. I have projects for deafs. Understanding that this is not so simple to...