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    Baby's first sign

    What was your child's first sign? :) How old were they? My daughter's first clear undeniable sign (which was clear enough not to look like we were reading into hand movements too much) was the BSL sign for "food". She was about 6 months old. She only recently started signing "love" 18...
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    Naturally everyone who signs at gets stared at when they're signing, a lot. But, how many of you get stared at to the point where you start to feel uncomfortable? When I go for to the DeafClub (it's in a pub) on a weekday evening, we get a lot of stares. Sometimes the people stare for a...
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    My son!

    I've had a baby boy recently, he's just over 2 weeks old. (can't get the pic smaller, sorry! On wife's Myspace, not mine) We named him Alexander, though I know it's a bit of a controversial name in the Deaf Community because of AG Bell, sod him. We named him Alexander so we can call him...
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    How many people here are can sign in 2 different languages?

    As the title says, how many people here are bilingual in sign languages? For example, anyone know ASL and BSL? Or ASL and Auslan? I know BSL, but I know a little bit of ASL (it's so hard though, maybe because I don't use it). I'd love to be bilingual. :)
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    Your favourite pizza!?

    What is your favourite pizza? I'm a BBQ chicken man myself, but I love good old "plain pizza"! If you like to make your own, care to share your recipe? Does anyone make it from scratch, including the base? I've never made the base from scratch, but I did make one excluding the base. It...
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    Cued Speech: your opinion?

    Hey! :) I've just been watching some stuff on cued speech, and I've noticed there's a few threads here and there, so I thought I would ask. What are people's opinions on cued speech? Does anyone use it here? I've just been watching some stuff on it. It looks really difficult and slow...
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    The face veil: your opinion

    Hi guys, I'm currently wondering what people's opinions are to the Muslim veils which cover the face. If you are d/Deaf or hard of hearing and they try to talk to you, what do you do? I personally am against the complete veil, because it's not mentioned in the Qur'an and it's a cultural...
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    My kid doesn't sign back

    Hi everyone, I've asked people elsewhere this, but I thought I would here because I'll probably get better answers besides 'you're not trying hard enough!' My daughter is 15 months old now, and she doesn't sign much. I've taught her sign for some time, but she doesn't respond back. In...
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    Could Jesus have been a Jewish Essene - Buddhism syncretist?

    As the name says, do you think (non-Christians) think that Jesus could have been influenced by the Essenes and Buddhism? There is evidence that in Jesus' time, Buddhist preachers were in and around Israel and Canaan. Do some research into it, you might come up with some interesting theories.
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    Friendship Forum?

    Does anyone want to see a place where we can make friends, like, advertising for penpals, langauge-learning friends, MSN friends, etc? I think it would be a good idea.
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    Live TV subs

    Does anyone else here hate live TV with a passion because the subs are always so delayed? I get bored of live TV really quickly, including the news.
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    Searching for religion

    How many people are unhappy with the religion they are (or were) part of, and are searching for one? I used to be Christian, but I no longer am because my beliefs are so different to it. I hold Jesus in high regards and still believe in God, but I don't agree with most parts of Christianity...
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    International Sign Language

    I'm not sure if this is the right place, but, what do you guys think of "International Sign Language", also known as Gestuno? FENGYE DEAF WORLD-Sign Language Dictionary Indigenous signs: cities Do you think it will always be doomed to die a slow death? I think the idea of international...
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    SEE: "has become extremely popular in the schools"?

    Modern Signs Press, Inc. - Frequently Asked Questions date copied 2008-01-30 Does anyone know how true this is? I thought SEE usage was supposed to be decreasing, not increasing. Also, I'm curious to see a website on "learn SEE"; I can't find any. I'm really curious about how they sign...
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    Son of God

    What do you guys think is meant in the Bible by "Son of God"? And, is it possible for you to explain how Jesus is the son of God?
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    I "need" hearing aids

    I went and had my hearing checked the other day. Turns out I have 50% hearing loss in my left ear and 20% in my right! Basically, the lady I spoke to said I need hearing aids. It wouldn't bother me if there wasn't such a long waiting time on them and getting them privately in this country...
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    ASL, SEE, PSE, etc.

    Hello guys. I hear a lot on the infamous SEE. I don't know much about it at all. I thought it was like, a version of English completely fingerspelled. What is it about the "ly", "ed", etcetera things that I've heard on here in reference to SEE? Is it possible to get these questions...
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    "One seventy nine, please."

    Okay, this happened a few weeks ago. I thought this was sad, but funny. My wife and I had just come out of class with our sign teacher; we were all going to the butchers (us for a snack, him for his dinner tonight). He went in there, and spoke (note, although his pronunciation is great, he...
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    What do you guys think of Sutton SignWriting? I'm trying to learn it so I can write new words I learn down in BSL. The only thing is it looks like it could be a little clumsy for writing BSL. Does anyone here use it? If you do maybe you can give me a few pointers on how to use it properly.
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    Sign language and grammar

    Hi guys, Can you guys explain how the grammar of your sign language works? (Please state which one it is) For example, how do you make a question, and how does the layout of certain sentences work (see below) It's hard to find a good source of information on the grammar of sign language...