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    Technology fuels deaf education debate

    . She is ignorance. Have she ever sat and study every single Oral deaf/HOH's life and see what they use majority of the time for communication (and I mean computers/textmessaging/telephone/tty/etc. as communication as well.).
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    Can Clever Hackers Target Smart Phones?

    beside, this is why I never would buy a hearing aid with bluetooth build in. Unless it is neccessary.
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    Can Clever Hackers Target Smart Phones?

    well, it may be old news, but this gov't site just showed up today.
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    Obamacare and mandatory implants?

    I have been verichipped. did you know my CI come with a serial number that would trace back to me? Anyway, I don't know why we HAVE to have a verichip. I think we are doing fine as we are now.
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    Pedophile Priests

    They do sometimes get counseling from the pastor if they want it. They can have biblical counseling plus secular/christion counseling outside of church. It's up to them. but that's how they handle someone who is a sex offender and want to come to our church.
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    Pedophile Priests

    from what I've seen in churches I've been, in order for someone to show true repentence, they have to openly confess and let others know that they have anproblem AND in order to prove his repentence, he has to do everything he can to make sure nothing like this will happen again. He have to...
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    Do you NOT use illegal drugs?

    I don't know about that, I wrote another thread that my dad was chain smoker so the house I grew up was always fill with smoke. and I am a chocolate addict and that's not good for my health either.
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    Do you NOT use illegal drugs?

    I've never done illegal drugs. Nor was ever interested in it. I have tried smoking cigerette and I had a bottle of Zima before, but it didn't do enough for me to really be interested in doing those things again. Yeah, I know, I can be too much of a goody-two shoe, but you know, I can't help myself.
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    A Dose Of Realty

    actually, I would never use someone as my punching bag (as in yell and call them names), definitely not my spouse.
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    Pedophile Priests

    If you are talking about in other countries, I find that they don't really talk about it much. If they have social service like we do that keep in track of abuses, we probably could tell. Other than that, countries that is heavily buddisms did have child marriages and have sold their child off...
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    Pedophile Priests

    oh and yes, there are pedophile ministers, reverends, preachers, pastors. They are not immune which is why I say allowing priests to marry does not help at all. Just that some church have worst system on protecting the kids than others.
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    Pedophile Priests

    In a baptist church, if a pastor does something like this, he'll have to be reported to the police. And he have to step down from his position whatever church he is pastoring. He may not get to pastor again unless another church don't know his background.
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    Pedophile Priests

    They go to a christian counseling and usually treated as a regular citizens.
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    Can Clever Hackers Target Smart Phones?

    Two computer scientists explored how smart phones can be hacked, hijacked and exploited without their owner’s knowledge - National Science Foundation (NSF) News - Can Clever Hackers Target Smart Phones? - US National Science Foundation (NSF)
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    No More Senate???

    If it from the onion, it's a joke. When I didn't know it was from the onion, I thought, is he joking??
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    is derp mocking people eyes? seem that most pictures have someone crossing their eyes.
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    TPriest may molested 200 Deaf boys but was never removed from the church

    No they don't. It's their religious belief for a reason. Even if priest marry, they still molest, probably their own children. if they didn't have a sick mind, they can find themselves a nun (without rape, it is at will) instead of children. Beside, Lutheran church is very familiar...
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    ASL only!!!

    you know how we set our date M/D/Y and UK set their date D/M/Y <---find out why they set it in that order, and why we set our differently. Then you'll probably see ASL pretty much work the same way. But I have trouble as well.
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    Need to solve debate with ASL teacher Help Please

    what PFH wrote :) You'll get used to it... unless you are very passionate about a topic.