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    Another good reason to vaccinate for measles

    We all know the benefits of measles vaccination, right? Nearly no chance of measles, for one. You also heavily reduce the side effects of measles infection if you're vaccinated. That means that children are at much lower risk of having permanent hearing loss, intellectual disability, and that...
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    Deaf woman sues NPR for employment discrimination

    Former intern sues NPR, alleging employment discrimination |
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    Emergency help needed! Well, not life or death but need international relay

    Is there any relay available from Canada to the US? I have to make a quick call to the doctor or I lose a moved up appointment for a procedure I desperately need. I just am stuck because I can't find a relay service that works from Canada to the Us, and it must be online. I probably can go...
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    Fake Mandela interpreter pulled out of psych hospital for commercial

    Mandela sign language interpreter leaves psych hospital to shoot Livelens commercial - People are now calling for a ban on the company that pulled him out of the hospital to film a commercial based on his actions at the funeral.
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    Maybe the end of CIs and HA for many deaf

    Scientists think injecting gene-carrying viruses could be ‘holy grail’ for curing deafness
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    Oh, Putin, you're gonna catch Victory Disease

    Basically, Putin took over Crimea, an autonomous region of Ukraine for spurious reasons and now he's trying to take over Ukraine, and then more. He's instituting Soviet area shit to Russia. Victory Disease is what happened to Xerxes, Napoleon, Hitler, the Israelis in the Yom Kippur War, The...
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    Signin'? That's worth a beatin'!

    California police use taser on deaf man trying to communicate with them via sign language | The Raw Story Just another day in the life of the dhh...
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    Vibrating alarm clock

    I need to get a new travel alarm clock. I get medical procedures often and I sometimes stay at a friend's house the night before because they live close to the hospital (15 min cab ride) vs 1.5-2 hour car ride from my place. They are happy enough to wake me up, but I want to wake up early...
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    Scientists teach ASL to man wearing gorilla suit (just like Koko!)

    HILLSBORO, OR—In what is being hailed as a major breakthrough by the scientific community, a team of researchers announced Monday that they had successfully taught American Sign Language to a 43-year-old gorilla-suit-wearing man. Scientists at the Oregon National Primate Research Center told...
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    So annoyed about that deaf chat room

    I also can't find where it was to post on it, so that adds to my annoyance! I figured I'd give it a good try today. Not that many people have come in. I say hi when I am able to catch someone. All I have said was hi and I got banned. So darn annoyed. If I just login every half an hour to...