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    Need a device for deaf

    what I need is a device that triggers a strobe light when my doorbell rings. I want something that is as simple as possible. Any ideas? Also something that triggers a strobe light when my fire alarm goes off.
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    Anyone use transcribe on your cell phone?

    I find it very works quite well and I use a microphone attachment to increase the range but I still need a more powerful microphone.
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    debating a re-surgery: need advice

    would you try a re-surgery after this experience: I am afraid of going through all that again and don't know if they can tell me the chances
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    need a speech-to-text app that works

    there are many speech-to-text apps but I haven't found one that I can use in a conversation around a table that picks up the speech. A person has to almost be talking right into the phone for those to work. Any apps out there that can pick up a conversation at a short distance like in a...
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    need to get this link out there to get helpful info

    the more people that respond to this link the better I will be able to gather helpful information for myself and others that I am in contact with that have the same general problems. anyone know of anyway to get the link out onto the digital information highway?
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    need a text-to-speech app for cell phone.

    I have a hard time hearing a conversation in a coffee shop and such places. There are a lot of apps out there that translate speech to text but none that I tried worked unless the people were almost talking right into the cell phone. Any app that will pick up distant speech?
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    speech-to-text app or devices for conversations

    does anyone know of any devices that can be used for spleech-to-text daily conversations.
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    any word on bone conduction

    since my CI failure ( I am now interested to know if any bone conduction surgeries are being done. Anyone know?
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    my cochlear implant horror story

    I had a cochlear implant on March 15, 2018 and the activation was on April 5th. It was a terrible experience from which I have not yet recovered. I created a Web site that explains what I went through. If anyone would like to take the time to read it I would appreciate because I have some...
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    just had a cochlear implant

    After the surgery and when I woke up a person on the staff told me there was a complication of some sort. So I don't know what is going to happen because I haven't had the hookup yet. The surgical CI was on March 15th. I am afraid(and depressed) but hopefully it will turn out O.K. But I...