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    Small Business Website Development Company or Developer?

    I know this is an old post but I am a coder and web developer for a large organization. For small business that have limited fund, I would suggest look into It suppose to help you build your website. I haven't play with it much but seem interesting.
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    Coding and web development group on FB

    *delete if not allowed* I am trying to meet more coders or web developers that are Deaf like myself. I started a new Facebook group over at If you are a coder or a web developer. feel free to come join the group. If you are learning or just...
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    Interesting New Drone

    I built and fly drones, my battery life average around 15-20 minutes on a 4S Lipo battery. That drone have a very tiny battery so I would say no more than 8 minutes at the most unless they have invented a new special battery. .
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    Interesting New Drone

    I wonder what the battery life is like on it. .
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    At&t Tap With Tethering

    Do you have DirectTV? If you have DirectTV then you can go with their unlimited data plan but it 100 dollar a month for unlimited data plan. .
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    Darn Dentist...

    I am curious was the dentist a private or cooperation practice? My wife and I use interpreter a lot (local terp agency loves us) and I am pretty well verse on ADA laws when it come to Deaf people and communications. ADA never state that it is *required* for them to provide an interpreter to a...
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    What Was The Name Of This Movie

    What you are describing seem to be the movie titled "Serenity" The spaceship and crew in the movie was from a short-lived TV series "FireFly". .
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    I Need Smart Tv With Netflix Recommendations. Thank You!

    If you are Deaf and need Closed Captioning, I would invest in a good LED TV and use either Roku3 or Nexus Player to watch Netflix so in future you want to get a different TV you are not limited to having to find one with a good Closed Captioning in the Smart TV apps like Netflix. We have Smart...
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    All about electric cars!

    Possible new type of solar panel which is flexible that could be applied to top of the electric car for longer distance off batteries. .
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    All about electric cars!

    I read some of the post here but not all. I would like to add my thoughts from my studies. I always been into renewable energy most of my life so I know a lot about it. Electric or hydrogen powered car would be cool to have and cleaner to use but number one problem we face today is that it...
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    Sorenson vs Purple vs ZVRS?

    No Audio option? Are you talking about enabling the microphone? It under Settings - Devices - Audio in Sorenson nVP if I remembered correctly. .
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    Movie Theatres And Captioning

    I have tried almost all different type of captioning. But .... I like the glasses the best out of all. I can go bathroom and not miss out anything unless the auditorium is the last one in the row and very far from the bathroom. :) Also I can stand out in the hallway and check on my...
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    FCC to build an open source video platform for ASL users

    I have one tiny issue with this software. It government funded and controlled, I am not sure about having a government-controlled software on my computer or phone. .
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    School pay 1 millions settlement to Deaf student

    Look like the school thought they could get away with it by blaming on the Deaf boy choosing not to wear hearing aids and not teaching him sign language. BUT ........ The school learn that he is profound Deaf which a hearing aids wouldn't help him and his I.Q. was tested to be normal that...
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    VRI or Live Interpreter?

    Actually VRI is allowed by ADA if all REQUIRMENT IS MET otherwise Deaf people have the right to request for a live interpreter if the requirement is not met. Check out the revised ADA requirement, it covered VRI now ... .
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    Go pro vs bloggie

    Isn't Bloggie an outdated product? There seem to be no new revision of that camera since 2 years .
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    Anyone interested in drones?

    News releases yesterday .... New drone called Solo by 3DR USA based company .
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    Granny's taking computer classes ;)

    For System Analysis class, we use the Microsoft Visio program which is okay program to creating flowchart and different type of charts. .
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    Granny's taking computer classes ;)

    I took a course similar to that one. You will be learning to design and develop in house system using charts like the system flow chart and the Gantt chart etc. Fun class if you like using your brain :D Bill
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    Anyone interested in drones? Hope someone have permission to record this lecture tonight and post it online to share later. .