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    Hitting a Deer

    A few days ago a friend was driving down this road, and he had two passengers with him. A deer darted across the road and he swerved to miss it. The truck went off the rolled off the road and rolled a couple times. Miraculously there were minor injuries. Yeah, you get the message...
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    Those darn spelllcheckers

    @;$% I tried to say Darn but...
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    Happy New Year Everyone

    I mean what I say. Lol Thinking of you guys. What else can I say? Courage.
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    The Story of Ugly the Cat

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    Real-time captioning

    Does anyone know about real-time captioning? I know it has a bit over ninety percent accuracy, but I am wondering where they place the captions, in front of the speaker or heaven forbid, on your lap. I also figure there will be a slight time lapse as well since the captioner has to type the...
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    The ballad of william sycamore (an old poem) I appreciate this old poem increasingly over the years. Just throwing this in with the hope others could as well.
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    Video of Female Russian Snipers: Real or Bogus?

    I was researching Russian female snipers of World War Two and ran across this video. I am not sure if it real or not. What do you think? Warning: this may be too intense for children or juveniles!
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    Giraffe kisses dying man goodbye

    Giraffe kisses dying man goodbye at zoo in Netherlands - Orlando Sentinel
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    USPS preparing for massive ammunition purchases

    US Postal Service Preparing For Mass Gun/Ammuniton Buy | Ben Swann Truth In Media :hmm:
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    The Polar Vortex Sequel

    I understand that the vortex will be back soon. They say it won't be as bad as the last one but will last longer. Are you prepared? As for myself, I will get a hotel room for its duration. :lol:
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    Hydrogen bomb nearly detonated over North Carolina in 1961

    US nearly detonated atomic bomb over North Carolina :eek3:
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    34 Nuke Officers Accused of Cheating

    New nuke scandal: 34 officers accused of cheating - The Washington Post :roll:
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    Raccoon in the house

    About half an hour ago I went into the kitchen and surprised a raccoon on the stove. It jumped down and peered at me intently. I shook my head and said "Hey there, Bandit, what are you doing here again?" The critter has been around this property for a couple years now. I opened the back door...
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    Blackbirds extinct????

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    Dog survives fall down world's largest man-made hole

    Underdog rescued from world's largest man-made hole after eight days thanks to kind-hearted people throwing food down the diamond mine to keep it alive | Mail Online :)
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    Dangerous "Knockout Game" Spreads in USA Sighhh...
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    Italian police seize $6 trillion of fake US bonds

    Italian police seize record $6 trillion of fake US bonds | GlobalPost :eek3:
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    Ron Paul secretly taking over the GOP

    Ron Paul Is Secretly Taking Over The GOP :P
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    Rampant voter fraud in Maine?

    Rampant Voter Fraud In Maine! (MUST SEE) Share This! - YouTube Is this really surprising? :roll:
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    Google releases Maine election results early

    Google accidentally released Maine election results early!, - US Message Board - Political Discussion Forum :roll: