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    This thread is still up and running...Cool.
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    I'm Back

    It's been soo long! Oh how I missed thee!
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    I think I did the right thing

    You are the bestest friend she gat. You did the right thing. Someday she will understand.
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    Hello ADers

    Hey Everybody!!!:wave: It's been a minute and I'm back with da jump off!! I miss being on this site. I've been tryin to catch up. Looking Good. God Bless you all.
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    Curious: what do our deaf members do for a living?

    I'm just dreaming :)
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    What is your nationality ?

    Who asked what's your heritage?
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    What kind of wedding did you have(or are you going to have)?

    My wedding was last year October. It wasn't to big or small...a little over 250 guests. I had one Maid of Honor, three Bridemaids, a Best Man, three Groom's Men, Junior Bride, Flower Girl, Ring Bearer and two Usherettes. It was held at a Church and the reception was at a grand hall.
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    What is your nationality ?

    Proud to be a Bahamian!
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    Colour of hearing aids

    My hearing aids are the colour of my skin tone...Brown
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    Paris Hilton, Are you tired of seeing her on TV/Magazines?

    I think enuff of her has been in the media. She isn't the only famous person in the world. I always thought she was nothing but a rich, dumb bimbo whose only words were, "That's Hot!" How captivating is that?!! I don't understand American media. They need to find something else..seriously.
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    alcoholic drinks

    Sure check out Ole Nassau Rums with many flavors, Bacardi liquors and fruit juices like pineapple, oranges, punch etc. You can get creative with them.
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    word game

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    alcoholic drinks

    Mixed drinks rules! Wine is nice when ya wan feel sexy.
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    Taking the first step with a cheater BF...

    BTW there are many other fellas out there. They may even be better looking, will treat u better, honor and respect you. Give yourself the opportunity to meet them.
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    Taking the first step with a cheater BF...

    Sweety, it always happens that way when u break up with someone you love.....WHAT ABOUT YOUR PRIDE?!! Do you have any? He cheated on u twice and u took him back. You must not allow anyone to hurt u that way. You trusted him and he betrayed u twice. What make u think this time around is going to...
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    word game

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    Anyone on Alldeaf, whose is a proud BBW?

    I think anyone can be beautiful. I believe true beauty is way more than skin deep (it is). But let's be real people. We have to draw the line somewhere on what is considered physically attractive in terms of weight and health. There's a big difference between being 200 lbs and 400+ lbs...