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    Captioning word "What"

    I'll tell ya, it was a HUGE shock for me coming to Utah. In my wanderings (all up the west coast/South West side) I only came up against one other state that was far worse and that was Nevada (you would think that state was more liberal). When I lived there (in 2014) I could not find any...
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    Captioning word "What"

    I'm feeling optimistic as well. I mean, we have to right lol. Not much we can do but ride it out. Besides not the 1st time this has happened (virus) although the drastic tactics used I guess is (at least here in the U.S (I lived through the AIDs pandemic and understand as most gay men, the...
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    Captioning word "What"

    I'm sorry, I miss-spoke. My single CI (Nuclius7) was paid for by Medicare but I still had to pay 20% of that and it was about $120,000 for the whole thing and at 20% was still a whole lot (for me) . And I'm told Medicare will not pay for another one or to take it out unless it's a serous issue...
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    Captioning word "What"

    That is really fascinating barbaro. Germans do have that spitting language haha. Never get into a verbal fight with one haha. My Mother (Family) grew up in both Japan and Turkey and had the immense blessings to be raised culturally diversified. So although my Mother was not deaf she understood...
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    Captioning word "What"

    Oh that's so funny that you mention reading lips. I became fluent in reading lips 1st before sign (which I'm still learning). Lived in California in an area which was a huge melting pot of different races/cultures. But even with non-slang speaking people sometimes I would do a double take, did I...
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    Captioning word "What"

    I did not know any of this regarding Youtube. Youtube has always been a pain for us who are deaf and need captions. Very interesting and I'll deffinatly check out Rikki Poynter. Thanks for the info deerheart12.
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    Captioning word "What"

    Hum...That's very interesting, about it might be slang. I'm so unused to slang or modern English language involving slang. Never thought I would be irritated so much by slang and alt speech. In my teens I was a die hard valley boy lol. I guess getting up there in years I've become more sensitive...
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    Captioning word "What"

    Well you got me thinking that perhaps it's the subs I get online, like subscene? I don't use anything that allows you to cut cuss words out. Just VLC video player. Maybe since Subscene has a huge amount of international subtitles, that many are created in some country where the deaf do not use...
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    Captioning word "What"

    Hi Dearheart12. I haven't really thought about where I've seen it? What I use/watch more is Netflix and My own movies (copied from my DVD's to my computer) and getting subtitles from subscene website (if DVD's don't have it as most my movies are on old dvd's) . I have also noticed this on...
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    Captioning word "What"

    For me it's just really irratating. I was just watching the alien movie and the captions were leaving out the word "what" and I finally had it and had to come here to ask lol. I'm in my mid 50's and I've been seeing this more and more. So was wondering maybe I'm just old and this is a new way...
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    Tinnitus is driving me crazy

    I'm deaf but wear a Cochlear Implant. I was late deaf and the extremely loud tinnitus started when I started losing my hearing (which was progressive) and progressed to the point I was going crazy. One big thing that helped was getting earphones/headphones and play white noise. That masked the...
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    Captioning word "What"

    Hi all. I am noticing more and more captions not witing out the word "what". For exapmple I'm watching a show and guy say's "the he** wrong with that cat". Where is "what". WHAT the h** is wrong with that cat. It really irratates me to no end. Is this perhaps a cultural thing? If captions are...
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    Anyone experienced loneliness and anxiety being hoh or deaf?

    LOL. you do have to laugh at times. Just today I was headed to the train and a young man started speaking to me (I wear a cochlear but have difficulty still understanding) . Then he asked what I though was, do you want sex....??? Now I know that is not what he said as I'm an old man (but who...
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    Best city/town for a Deaf person to live in?

    I'm newly transplated (2 years now) in Salt Lake City utah. The Deaf and Blind community (I'm Deaf-Blind) see,s to be great here BUT I went into coulture shock coming from California. The Govt. here is truly backwards and ignorant. This is a deeply red state which is run/controlled by the Mormon...
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    my cochlear implant horror story

    I had an Implant Jan 2018 . I am Deaf-Blind and held off for many years. Not liking the idea at all. But then in Dec 2017 I was talked into it as life for me was and had been far to difficult. After the surgery and when the activation accord, it was not anything like I had hoped (taking into...
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    I came out as lesbian and i feel so free to be me and deafblind .

    Nice post and so glad your finding your way. I'm DeafBlind and gay male. Sometimes we have to wait for that right moment to find our true path. Many cheers to you.
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    No cancel button for reply

    Thanks all for suggestions. I am Deaf-Blind and just noticed that on the bottom of page is a big reply box. LOL did not see that before but it was there. I was actually clicking on the "Reply" button that is right after and under the persons post. I also did not know that once clicking that...
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    Did you know that people who suffer hearing loss are more prone to developing dementia?

    This is so funny that I find this post today. Just had a Doctors appointment yesterday for general stuff and out of the blue my Doctor brings up dementia (I also have high blood pressure). Which shocked me. I'm a bit coming from a different situation as I'm late Deaf-Blind (started age 35) ...
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    Well you can defiantly pass in a "passive way" such as online. Of course you can. But why bother. Just be honest if it comes up. One idea I have is working with the elderly. especially elderly who are in homes are care places. Can't tell you how many Deaf/HOH elderly need support or just someone...
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    2 weeks into new CI and going crazy!

    I have a love/hate relationship with mine. I was implanted in Jan 2018. Now 7 months in I still love/hate it. I'm Deaf-Blind so it was a huge necessity. I had been going downhill for so long that I finally gave in (hated the idea). The 1st couple month's was extreamly difficult. Head banging...