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  1. Ian MacGregor

    403 Forbidden issue

    Earlier today my attempt to browse was met with a 403 Forbidden notice. I have attached a screenshot of the incident. I remember having a similar error a few weeks ago. Other than those two errors, I have not had any problems browsing this website since joining and my computer system...
  2. Ian MacGregor

    My CI improvement

    Yesterday I had an appointment with my audiologist to fine tune the cochlear implant in my right ear and fitting for a digital hearing aid in my left ear. The first thing that was done was to re-program one of my old digital hearing aids (a Phonak Naida Q50 UP) to help me with sound in my left...
  3. Ian MacGregor

    Anyone with ci's in both ears?

    I have suffered with tinnitus for 25 years. After getting a CI in my right ear, I noticed that the tinnitus in that ear was almost eliminated. Would it be fair to assume that the tinnitus in my left ear would also be drastically reduced when I get my left ear implanted? I have to wait for 6...
  4. Ian MacGregor

    My ci journey

    I am posting this in case the information can be helpful to anyone who is thinking about getting a cochlear implant. Keep in mind that this is the journey of one person, your experiences may be different. My name is Ian MacGregor and this post will document my experience with a cochlear...
  5. Ian MacGregor

    New cochlear family member

    Greetings, My name is Ian and I had my new Cochlear Nucleus 7 implant activated two days ago. It's kinda of weird having something stuck to the side of my head but I am finally able to hear after being profoundly deaf for 25 years. Everything sounds "robotic", but I'm told I'll get used to it...