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  1. DeadRinksHistorian

    Am relocating to the Philippines, any differences in Deaf culture there in the PH?

    Ok, let me explain clearly. I am going to relocate to the Philippines and more specifically in the Iloilo provinces to resides where my fiancé is from. We marry in December 2022. I am Deaf and I am curious the differences in Deaf culture there as I am aware of in the United States of America...
  2. DeadRinksHistorian

    HOH 30 yr old looking to meet new people!

    Sounds like Meneire's. Is it, Jackie?
  3. DeadRinksHistorian

    why so many deaf single men?

    Really!? I did not know that. I went to NTID ohhh back in 1988-89 (for one year and I left for good reasons). Anyway, I never seen anything like that happened back then. I saw just a very few left for other good reasons or graduated in the Fall or Winter quarters back then. I did not know...
  4. DeadRinksHistorian

    Why people want to marry people from foreign countries?

    Why? It is harder to find someone in America! That is your answer! Women in the US tend to be picky, but some are.. I will let you find out for yourself. You should know better why this is happening to yourself. Foreign women tend to prefer a man to marry as means to get in the country...
  5. DeadRinksHistorian

    Russian deaf girl is looking for a serious relationship

    Hey guys, she posted in 2013. That is a long time ago. she might have arrived here or something. Second of all, right now, there is a major event happening because of the war in Ukraine so internet banned Russia. We are not allowed to communicate with Russia atm. So, guys stop. For any of...
  6. DeadRinksHistorian

    Curious, any of you skaters?

    I am referring to roller skating. Hope that clears up. I know there are roller skating, ice skating, and skateboarder.
  7. DeadRinksHistorian

    Curious, any of you skaters?

    its harder to sneak in than in movie theaters. Second of all, rinks in past couple of decades are being more strict, you pay, you must skate, or you are not allowed in. Rinks are getting strict again like they were in 1930s when RSROA (Roller Skating Rink Owners Association) was formed to...
  8. DeadRinksHistorian

    Curious, any of you skaters?

    Hi. I see you mentioned a dead rink, Highland Skating Rink. Where was this in? Town and state so I can research and add to my site. I have over 3400 rinks listed now. Ron's Roller World.. I will check that out too as well as three others. They may not host skating anymore. I usually list...
  9. DeadRinksHistorian

    Curious, any of you skaters?

    Wow! as of today, 23 February 2022, 101 views but NO replies from you guys? Hmm. I simply asked if any of you are skaters.. Roller skaters. Apparently the Deaf prefer something else. Thank you for your time.
  10. DeadRinksHistorian

    How do I not be an a$$hole?

    My mom taught me it is best to say 10 good things against 1 bad thing. Then she said, now try 10 good for every bad one.. 10 bad ones. Meaning a 100. It was tough for me to figure out. But then I see the good outweighs the bad.
  11. DeadRinksHistorian

    Man Jailed After Woman Plays Dead

    Ma'am, first of all I want to say you and your daughter did smart to play dead like a opossum. I am glad you are ok and your daughter is ok too. I am mad at the system for not doing enough. Get yourself an order of protection and maybe relocate so that he does not find you. This was attempt...
  12. DeadRinksHistorian

    New to Deaf Community.

    You are welcome! So, you want more of ASL. That is great you travel to the US for work. What do you do for work? I love to travel but have not been to Brazil yet. Someday! Yeah, I sure do have Zoom. I will send you private message.
  13. DeadRinksHistorian

    Curious, any of you skaters?

    Hi everyone. I am curious, any of you are a roller skater? And where are you from? If you did skate and your favorite rink is closed. What rink was that? I skate ever since I was 13. I am now 57. I went to... Empire Skates East DeWitt, NY Empire Skates West, Baldwinsville, NY Floss's...
  14. DeadRinksHistorian

    New to Deaf Community.

    Hi Ema. How are you? Sure, I can help you and your family. One thing, are there any Deaf people living near you especially Deaf community? I take you are in Brazil. They can help you such as they have fellowships, events, things like that in your town if any. Just you have to go a little...
  15. DeadRinksHistorian

    Deaf chat in Johnstown, NY

    Thanks but its still winter.. and I am 2 hours away...
  16. DeadRinksHistorian

    Best cities for the Deaf

    Both DC and Rochester as well as NYC.. well, all of those cities are very expensive to live in. If you want to live cheaper, the Deep South is best bet and Midwest as well. Depends on your personality. I would rather suburb toward countryside. NYS has too high taxes and liberal stance. It is...
  17. DeadRinksHistorian

    Hello guys

    Lady, kamusta ka. So, you are a Filipina. Yes, I know a bit of Tagalog. I am from the USA. Of course the hours are different. Right now you are 13 hours ahead of me. Say its 6 am here, it is 7pm there. oo? I thought so.
  18. DeadRinksHistorian

    I don't have to date with any man

    Hi Lady, I see your grammar. Not trying to be the "grammar police" here but I understand what you are saying. Give it time and the right man will come along and he will reply. This site is not really for dating, you know that? There is one you might like to try.. no .com, no...
  19. DeadRinksHistorian

    Hi everyone! I am Mark, Deaf Roller Rink Historian.

    Oh one more thing, you see the picture on the left side? And the banner on my profile here? Both were taken in 1959 at the former Sports-O-Rama Plaza where Sports-O-Rama roller rink was at. It was at Mattydale, NY.