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    Cost of Ear Molds/ what is better hard or soft for profound loss?

    My audiologist likes to make his own hard ear molds and often "sells" his brand with a promise that I would like them as well as that they would last longer. I had them as a child and didn't like them. I have worn a semi soft/hard for years and a hypo allergenic brand. I love it but I also...
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    Earmold question

    I have a full earmold ( no dome and will not work for me ) and recently in this last year my inner ear has become very itchy. The earnold is fairly new and is starting to show signs of pitting from the itchy ear as I have tried to treat my inner itchy ear with Neosporin and Hydrocortisone. Is...
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    Polar Vortex and ears feel full. Anyone else ?

    I wear BTE with full molds and my ears feel full, slightly sore and won’t pop. Can this polar vortex cause this ? All was fine until yesterday.
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    Earmold question

    42 years of wearing earmolds experience but I came home in new molds and found that one turned yellow. I understand that over time that silicone will change color as well as wax from your ears will make your molds change . Anyone experience this ? Just frustrated with the Audiologists who can’t...
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    Couch to 5k App

    Hello all, Does anyone have a recommended app that allows a hard of hearing person to use a couch to 5 K app? I am interested in running and trying to use my iPhone as an helpful tool to achieve my goal. I get the feeling I may just have to find a personal trainer for this help or try to do...
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    Interesting question....

    Can a migraine or severe headache/sinus with weather affect hearing when wearing hearing aids? I know that this may come across as a silly question to ask.. but I personally don't want to waste the doctors time if its just a matter of me waiting this out.
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    How's everyone doing today?

    Just checking in.. its been a few months since I have been here.
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    Interesting question..what am i? deaf, hard of hearing or normal

    I was out to lunch and walked in to meet some friends at Starbucks. An older gentleman and a friend and I got into a conversation about differences between Deaf, Hard of Hearing and normal along with it being a disability. What is your take? I am considered profound deaf with bi lateral hearing...
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    School Is Out For The Summer~! What's Your Summer Plans?

    My "adults in training" are home from college and the daughter is finally a Junior in high school. What are you all doing for the summer. One trip to Missouri ( aka Misery) for family, hitting a couple of brewery's, and some down home cooking that I haven't had in a while.
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    I Do Not Like This Getting Old Business.

    Snap, crackle and pop.. perfect.. I just need rice krispy cereal, a pair of glasses and well, let's just face it.. I need a new body. bwhahahahahahaha..:giggle:
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    Just Coming To Check In.. Its Been A While.

    Hello All, It's spring here and the Bradford Pears here stink like fish..dead fish. Peeeuuuu~!!! My boys are in college and both declare they aren't coming home til Finals are done. My daughter is ever changing between dating and not dating, clothes, hair style and hoping to pass her for her...
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    Suggestions please and thank you

    Well, all of my analogs are biting the dust and have been sent off. They are coming back not sounding like they were previously. I am guessing its just the age and what ever they can use to fix them. With that being said.. I have tried Phonak super power digitals. Didn't really like them much at...
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    Interesting Day at the DMV

    What a lovely day after processing my daughter in for her learners permit. I was told that I needed to pay $20 to upgrade my license to tag my car license as a deaf driver. I was was then told a few minutes later by the DMV process officer that not only that I had paperwork given to me to take...
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    It's been a while..

    This past year has been a huge challenge. A few of you here were kind enough to extend your thoughts and opinions. I wanted to say " Thanks so much to those who cared enough to message me privately" Sometimes it takes a swift kick in the butt to get a wake up call. I am on the mend, slowly and...
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    Hello again.

    Just saying a hello.. been off here for awhile. Lots going on here at home. my oldest baby just turned 20, making the Dean's list and will be moving on to college campus/apartment life soon at JMU after living at home and attending community college for the last two years. Middle child is...
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    Positive food for thought

    A house fire is not something that you ever hope to have happen to you. If you need to evacuate quickly and not have time to grab things that are important. A fire safe is a good thing to have. I put a single pair of hearing aids/ spare in the safe as well as a pair of recent earmolds. This will...
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    Life is finally getting better..NOT

    I finally put my analog hearing aids back in and sent of the others to be repaired and learning to take things one step/day at a time. I still deal with some of the seasonal depression and thankfully the days have been more sunny than not lately. However that might change given the recent storm...
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    I would like a service dog for my home.

    My friend asked me if I would like a service dog now that I will have two teenagers/adults leaving for college in the fall leaving me at home without the extra set of ears around the house. I am interested in this option. I have trained two in my lifetime and my last furry pet died just 2 years...
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    Drives me nutty!

    It just kills me that in our town where there is a designated road to use for driving to your point of destination and the locals continue to drive through the shopping/ parking area as if it were a thorough fair. What makes it annoying even more is not the speeding through the parking area ...
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    Do you believe dreams can be interpreted?

    I dream every night. Some are pretty decent others just down right messy and have no sense. Last night was a doozy for me. Woke up fairly upset. I have a friend who believes that dreams are meant to be deciphered and its a part of the grand design from God. I do get a sense of déjà vu. Anyone...