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    hypertension/high blood pressure

    Does anybody here know much about this? A few years ago I was diagnosed with early onset hypertension and last year I was able to come off medication as my bp was normal(i took myself off them as I was having nausea issues), three months ago I went back and had a BP check, he said my bp was high...
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    7 years ago

    I joined AD, I cannot believe it was so long ago!! I "met" some great friends on here! I was only 17 and surprised people actually replied to my comments!
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    For those in the UK

    How often do you get your hearing checked?
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    I am starting to create youtube videos on british aign lamguage. I know my youtube videos needs a lot more work but what would you like to learn in bsl?
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    Cos there's so many newbies im reintroducing myself

    My name is lissa, i'm 22 years old and I'm from rainy England :) Iv been on this forum for years but reduced my time due to work and other stuff! I was identified with severe-profound hearing loss aged 9 months and given hearing aids at 14 months, i received a cochlear implant in 2000 at...
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    BSL and tips

    I am wanting to learning more BSL, I know the signs for most things but my problem is, signing in BSL order and getting my thoughts/signs out and do them the way I mean -expressing my feelings/thoughts correctly) My main problem, either spoken or signed, is that I struggle expressing myself...
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    Pancake Day

    Anybody's country celebrate Pancake Day? It is Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day as commonly known here where of course we have PANCAKES!!! Yum yum yum!! I have my pancakes with butter and sugar, unfortunately it's not on the menu for dinner tonight, so we'll have it tomorrow instead...
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    I am off to the gym in a few hours, any tips/ advice?? Are classes better or is independent best? From what I know, there's bike machines, treadmills, swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, and other equipment I am thinking I'll go 2/3 times a week depending on time/plans. I'm quite nervous cos I'm...
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    Alder Hey, 600 children needs hearing retested!!

    Children asked to return for hearing tests - Telegraph The parents of some 600 children have been sent letters asking them to bring them in for another assessment at Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool. All were seen by a single doctor who worked in the audiology department from...
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    Four Years

    In a week or so, I've been on AD for FOUR YEARS!! Wow!! :giggle: Glad i stumbled across this site all those years ago!!
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    Online Project

    I get bored online really easily so I need to project to do online, was thinking a blog of some sort or make a forum or something else. Ideas please??
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    Anybody have any events/ interesting plans for the next few months?

    I'm going to the ballet on Fri(:S the tickets originally wasn't for me but nobody will go so I have to) but at least I finish work at 5. Sis and I are going to London for a day's shopping trip on the 12th(about 210 miles) lots to see, christmas lights, hamleys(huge toy store) and Harrods!! Last...
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    2011 Christmas Card Exchange!!

    Surprised nobody done this already but how about an email christmas card exchange? since it's getting close. E-cards would save us all money etc, but I will send Christmas Cards out to those whom I know/speak to a lot
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    Can Ghosts...

    Quick Question, is it possible for ghost to lift objects? Like just right now, our internet plugged was out of the socket. My mum and I definately did not do it and the only people around are seven months old who were asleep. It's not to say there is definately a ghost but many things over the...
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    Tiredness Busters

    Anybody got any tips on how to beat tiredness?? I usually go to bed around 10.30-11 and get up around 6am, and still throughout the day it's a battle to keep myself awake. I work(well this week is different), this week I'm doing 8.30am-6pm, usually 9-6pm. I've been like this for the past 2...
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    How do you manage your headaches?

    I have had headaches many times this week, usually a dose of ibuprofen will keep it away, but like the day before yesterday ibuprofen won't remove it at all, and now today I've got another headache *sighs* it's not unusual for me to have so many headaches so just wondering what you all do to...
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    Anybody having a quiet day?

    Weekends is my quiet days, so I'm just wearing my hearing aid!! :) My mum can put it up with and wave her hands to get my attention. My hearing isn't that good with my HA to hear my name even from a few steps away. Plus it's nice to have a quiet weekend and be properly deaf(not the right word...
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    Hey guys I'm bored!! Is there anything you're looking forward to?? I'm looking forward to my sister coming round tomorrow, as she moved out in may, and hopefully seeing my friends next week!! Looking forward to Christmas too!! We foster now 7 month old b/g twins so I can't wait to see them...
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    Help...laptop issues

    Can anybody help?? I have microsoft word on my computer but it says I need to do a file conversion, any idea how to make the document right itself and be in english rather than computer speak??