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    Access to ASL terps in California prisons, and elsewhere. People held responsible for the failure of the system.
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    Tinnitus alarm clock

    Odd, but does anyone else's brain do this: Nearly every morning, at around 6:30, I wake up to the sound of my specialized telephone ringing. It is not my phone, but tinnitus. Previously, I had a cellphone, and my internal alarm was the sound of that phone.
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    Online sign dictionaries

    Years ago people notice that I gesture a lot when I talk. I have poor coordination, especially when I am anxious and/or tired, and the gestures help a lot when this bothers me. Signers have noticed that my gestures are not sign, although I regularly use the sign for "telephone". The other...
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    I have a progressive hearing loss, and can no longer understand speech unaided. It is accompanied with peripheral neuropathy. I am 67 years old. My son has some signs of neuropathy, as well as my brother. Evidently these genes are capricious in their manifestation, but so far it is...
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    Lipreading Tutorial

    I just googled online lipreading tutorials, and there are some out there. I am wondering which is the best. I have just had my HA's retuned-- further loss. :neutral: No problem if it includes sign lite. I just got a new...
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    I need to start using Skype

    My daughter lives in California, and I am having real problems understanding what she says on phone. I have discussed this with her before, so she won't be surprised when I bring up the subject. I have an android tablet with skype preloaded on it, but don't know where to go from there. She...
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    Quit smoking.

    I recently made a half-hearted attempt to cut back on smoking, using an e-cigarette. One thing lead to another, and I realized that my smoking was contributing to progressive loss. Dr. congratulated me, and told me that I should switch to 0mg. He put me on a short course of prednisone, and...
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    New family members.

    My son got married yesterday. Some members of his new family don't quite understand communication problems. Last night I took out my HA's for swimming, and her younger sister was quite adept at the usual measures. With some others (like DIL), misunderstandings need to be dealt with as normal...
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    Ontario question

    I just got some Tim Horton coffee beans on the internet. Was inexpensive, so decided to try it. Found out that at their restaurants, they are very careful to use water just under boiling, and toss it and brew new every 20 minutes. I hate bitter coffee, so just switched to a cold brew method...
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    Weather Report

    It has been snowing here all day. We expect it to stop briefly, then start up for a short while, later. Ground blizzard expected tonight. Low tonight expected to be 14 deg. How about you?
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    Exhaust system

    Yesterday I went on a drive to an appointment. I asked a passenger if my elderly Buick LeSabre sounded different. She said she didn't think so. I discounted it to my hearing loss, but a few minutes later the car began to roar. My PTSD kicked in, I panicked, and pulled her over. I jumped out...
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    Tinnitis + cookie bite + early 60's music preferences

    early 60's refers to my age What are yours? I prefer soft jazz, but unaided it just isn't interesting enough. Live365 Internet Radio Network - Listen to Free Music, Online Radio My son says I just don't have enough music in my life. :giggle:
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    New job

    I have just begun working in a group home. I have not had my hearing checked for maybe five years. I am a vocational rehabilitation client. Vocational rehab here, once they buy HA's, they do nothing else. It took me a long time to get this job, and they really appreciate my behavioral...
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    Free hearing aid drier

    Go to your nearby high-volume pharmacy. Ask them to collect the dessicant silica crystal packages that come in pillbottles. I got about two pounds of them after two weeks at Wal-mart! Take a small glass jar, mine is about 2 1/2 inches high and the same diameter. Line the bottom with the...
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    Testing HA's

    OK. My hearing loss is severe to mild- cookie bite. I visited my mother last weekend. She also has a hearing loss, but also has early Alzheimer's. She vaguely said that she needed new batteries. She was missing out on a lot of conversation, and I had to repeat things my son said. I tried...
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    Listener moving lips

    The other day, I was talking to someone about a subject I know very well. My fluency because of this was top-notch. I noticed that she was listening very closely to me, and that her lips were moving in imitation of what I said. Her non-verbals were also very good, in response to what I was...
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    Devices at church

    Our church has had banners to reduce echoes. Then they tweaked the amplification system so that hoh people could hear better. Evidently people with full hearing didn't like those high frequencies. Now they normalized the system, and have devices that will improve understanding for those who...
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    I've been lurking for a few days.

    This is a fun place. I love the word plays. I'm neither deaf nor HoH. I put my ears in every morning and take them out every night. Did a search on itchy ears, and found lots of suggestions here. My ex was into drag racing-- loss has been reasonably stable for ten years. Cookie bite...