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  1. GadgetJim57

    People Wanting to Date ….

    I keep getting people from this forum wanting to hook up with me !!! I am NOT interested in dating, marriage, or one-night-stand … !!! I am 61 years old, poor, sick, tired, weak, cannot even support myself … !!! I have NO money for anyone. I am NOT interested in a relationship … !!! I am here to...
  2. GadgetJim57

    eBike ...

    Does anyone else ride an eBike ? I should be picking up my first eBike next week …. I have to drive to Oregon to get it ….. I don't have a car (gave up driving around 10 years ago). Will be great to get on the road again …..
  3. GadgetJim57

    Galaxy Note 8 Smartphone

    Does anyone else have the Galaxy Note 8 smartphone ? I just got mine earlier this year in March. I sold my Galaxy S8 Plus, which was nice, but I miss the S-Pen. My first smartphone was the Note 3, which I still have, and it still works just like brand new. I had the Note 7, but had to return...
  4. GadgetJim57

    How do I Start a Picture Album ?

    How can I start my own picture album … ?
  5. GadgetJim57

    My new eBike > Yuba Sweet Curry

    My new Yuba Sweet Curry eBike should be ready for me to pick up in five days ….. I'm excited to get back on the road again ….. This is the stock photo, before any custom work. Notice the two large batteries on the back. The guy who is doing the custom work is adding a third battery, which will...
  6. GadgetJim57

    Who Lives in or near Modesto, California ... ?

    I would like to connect with people to practice ASL .... I live in Ceres, near Modesto, California.
  7. GadgetJim57

    Hello from Central California

    My name is Jim. I am losing hearing in one ear. Started learning ASL about a month ago. Finished 4 sessions of ASL class at Shelter Cove Community Church, in Modesto. I hope to connect with people to practice ASL .....