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  1. glickchick

    Job interviews

    Hi All, So as I get ready to graduate college and head into the working world (ahhh!) I am starting to think about job interviews and such. As many of you know, I only recently lost my hearing about 2 years ago. I know that employers can't discriminate based on disability or anything like...
  2. glickchick

    First concert since losing hearing!

    Prior to losing my hearing, I was always really into music... Especially live music and concerts. So you can imagine that when I became deaf, I was devastated. Earlier this week, I went to my first concert since going deaf... Train, one of my favorite bands. My friends all bought tickets, and I...
  3. glickchick

    Thanksgiving Day tips

    Hey everyone, So tomorrow will be my first Thanksgiving since losing my hearing, and I am somewhat nervous about being totally left out and isolated from everything. It's going to be the first time I've seen some of my cousins and relatives since I went deaf, and I don't really know what to...
  4. glickchick

    Start dating again?

    Hi Everyone, So it's been a couple of months since I became completely deaf. I'm adjusting as well as you'd expect, and I'm slowly but surely learning ASL. Before I lost my hearing, I was active in the dating world, as you'd expect a girl of my age to be. Naturally when I lost my hearing, I...
  5. glickchick

    So what are the must-haves?

    Hey everyone, Newly deafened gal from NYC here. I'm hoping to get advice on what are the technologies and products that I absolutely must have to make my new life easier. I already got an alarm clark with a really bright flashing light, and am looking into trying to change my iPhone to a...
  6. glickchick

    New to all of this

    Hey everyone, New 19 yr old chick from NYC here. I actually just lost my hearing a few weeks back when I suffered pretty bad damage to the cochlear nerve in a car accident. I'm completely deaf. I'm doing well, but this is quite an adjustment. While obviously the communication issues are a...