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  1. eirlys

    A minor frustration..

    So I was talking to a friend today online. He says that he is listening to an audiobook and telling me how great it is. Then he suggests that I sign up for some website that will give me 2 free ones. *sigh* I've known this guy for 20+ years. He knows that I am HoH. So I tell him that I don't do...
  2. eirlys

    Wrong earmold shape?

    When I got my earmolds done the fitter/audi told me that he would not fit anything other than canal molds because he thought the others were just too big and bulky and if I got hit on the ear it would fall out. Now I'm looking at different types of earmolds on the Starkey website.. just seeing...
  3. eirlys

    How can I get a good adjustment?

    It's been over a year now and I kind of gave up. Things just sound bad/gross/annoying. I only wear my HA when I go outside because I have a really hard time functioning in public without. At home, I go without because I see no need to hear everything going on anyway... and I think I hear fine as...
  4. eirlys

    Stupid ears

    You know.. I'm ok with the fact that one of my ears is broken. I'm ok with the fact that the other one isn't quite normal anymore either and could likely get worse. That's fine. It's life and I adapt. I'm tired of my ears hurting. I'm 32 years old. As far as I can remember I spend the majority...
  5. eirlys

    Mists of Pandaria

    Release date is Sept 25th. Now to round up a group of non-baddies who want to play alongside an awesome resto shaman on Windrunner. Pandas! Squee! :fruit:
  6. eirlys

    Darn you steam sale, get out of my wallet

    Alice: Madness Returns Modern Warfare 3 Amnesia: The Dark Descent Fable - The lost chapters Left 4 Dead 2 Portal 2 From Dust Witcher: The Enhanced Edition Dead Island Biohazard Battle and this is day 3. Y'all get anything good?
  7. eirlys

    I survived vacation

    Ok.. I actually survived. I had my doubts. The first few days were almost unbearable and the rest just faded into a tolerably uncomfortable feeling. Spent a lot of time reading because everyone watched movies all the time and wouldn't turn on the captions... I can hear kinda but still have...
  8. eirlys

    Being mean for the sake of being mean

    I try to keep things fairly light here. I'm not a big fan of "negative nancy's". I have to admit though that I've been a major jerk to the BF for a few days and now I'm kicking myself over it because I'm just not a mean type of person at all. We're going to Michigan this weekend to spend...
  9. eirlys

    Can someone explain compression?

    I'm not sure exactly how to explain this, so here goes. Please forgive my fumbling. The compression in my ha's is driving me crazy. It's a constant either *wubwubwub* sound or something like a helicopter sound. I've asked the audi to turn it off or turn it down drastically. I just don't...
  10. eirlys

    Do you have superpowers?

    Just a silly post since the fans and air conditioners aren't killing the tinnitus and I can't sleep. You know they say that when you lose one sense.. other senses make up for it? My superpower is smell (unfortunately). I have a super sensitive nose. I can smell my neighbors smoking in...
  11. eirlys

    I got new earmolds today also

    Didn't want to intrude on Safarigirls post, so here's my go. It's been months of pain and annoyingness, finding a hearing aid that I'm ok with. Here's what I've come up with. Don't mind the blurriness please. My choices of camera were either my ipod touch or my nintendo dsi. I should get around...
  12. eirlys

    Another job interview today.. scary

    I've got another job interview today. This one seems kinda bad. Probate (deceased persons estate) collections. It sounds kinda sleazy.. calling a new widow to collect on her husbands unpaid credit card bills.. etc. I do need the money badly though. After my last job interview, where I got...
  13. eirlys

    Sometimes I don't think

    I just bought a pair of Skullcandy Hesh headphones. Midlevel price range, about $60. I could have spent more. The stupidity on my part though is I didn't realize how badly I would have feedback wearing them for one part. The other is that I didn't realize how much I'm STILL not hearing even...
  14. eirlys

    Hearing loss and getting/keeping a job.

    I'm sure this has been covered, but maybe I'm not searching with the right terms. I've had bad experiences with jobs and my hearing loss. I can't understand speech over office noise (printers, people chatting, etc). I've never had an employer willing to accommodate. At the time it was very...
  15. eirlys

    Can you buy earmolds separately?

    My audi only offers earmolds in the weird opaque clear color. I want something more fun. Is it possible to go elsewhere to get them? I was thinking maybe clear purple with sparkles. They will be with pearl white hearing aids.. the most interesting color I could get on that front. I got a very...
  16. eirlys

    Yesterday was one of those weird days

    Had an Audi appt for more fitting. The elderly lady in the waiting room asked if I was waiting for my grandfather or something to finish his appointment. I told her I was waiting for MY appointment and she looked so sad and patted me on the arm and said.. "You're so young and pretty.. how sad!"...
  17. eirlys

    Two HoH/Deaf people having children

    I mean no offense, I'm just curious about how people can/would/did handle this topic. My boyfriend and I were discussing children the other day. We are both very HoH. His is SNHL and mine is conductive hearing loss. Both conditions are hereditary. Naturally it came up that we could have...
  18. eirlys

    Is the quiet life really better? Dislike my hearing aid

    I just recently started wearing a single RIC hearing aid for Severe reverse slope hearing loss in my right ear. I have moderate hearing loss in my left ear. The audi told me that I'd hate regular hearing aids because they would have to be turned up so much that everything would sound terrible...
  19. eirlys

    Hey all! So nice to meet you.

    Greetings everyone. This will be my second shot at this post. The last one was last week I think and it's disappeared or not shown up. Hopefully it doesn't now. I'm 31 years old. I just moved from Texas to Minnesota. I am a musician, an avid reader (I had over 1000 books.. then got a...
  20. eirlys


    Hi all I'm a 31 year old Texan recently transplanted to Minnesota (I think I'll never be warm again!). I enjoy reading, music, video games (I play WoW, fighting games, and an online text based rpg type of game called MUD, more specifically, Unicorn Valley). I'm a bit of a nerd and that's...