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  1. Lang3Girl21

    What Are You Reading Right now?

    Multiple Books at Work I am also reading a few books, but so far I have 2 main ones: The Chronicles of Narnia Series (currently reading #2, the one that is the 1st movie made on the series): I have read the series before but I exhausted my list of books n was bored so I decided to reread...
  2. Lang3Girl21


    Hi! :wave: Welcome! Tell us a little about yourself =)
  3. Lang3Girl21

    ASL Students: Be honest, your reason???

    My Reason At first, it was because it seemed like a cooler language to learn than Spanish or French (I already knew Spanish basically, I'm cuban with spanish speaking grandparents) in High School. But it was also because I never fitted in right at school and was curious to see and learn about...
  4. Lang3Girl21

    Hi from Florida =)

    I am HOH, been that way since I was 5. It's been said that I may have been like that since birth, but no one caught on until later. I discovered ASL in High School, and since then I've felt really attached to the culture and the signing in general. I wear 2 hearing aides and they help me...
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    Hi from Florida.

    HI! I like your profile picture, it's really nice =)
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    Greetings from Californai

    Yay! Welcome! =)
  7. Lang3Girl21

    HOH hi!! =)

    :wave: So I've been looking for people to sign/talk to, and I just stumbled upon this site. I'm just learning to sign really and slowly getting better everyday. Feel free to talk to me =)