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    How to get over a silly crush!

    Hi everyone :) I work in daycare and one of the toddlers I look after has two mummies. My problem is that I am really attracted to one of his mums! I kind of get nervous on the day the child is in and I know they are due to come in, when she speaks to me I can barely hold eye contact. I get...
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    Anyone understand the audiographs?

    Hi everyone This is more curiosity then anything. I was looking over my old hearing test graphs (sorry i don't know the correct names) and I was just wondering if anyone could explain them to me. I have a left sided moderate hearing loss in low and high frequencies and a right sided...
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    Hey :) HOH from Uk

    Hey everyone :) My name is Maureen and i am hard of hearing. I am 21 and from the Uk. I joined hoping to meet other HOH/deaf people. Just to chat and make friends really. I've never known any one else who is HOH/deaf so I've never had anyone to relate to. I don't know BSL but i would love to...
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    Hey everyone, My name is Maureen

    Hello as you can guess from the title my name is Maureen or as im known to my friends as MoMo. I am 20 years old and I am from sunny old England. I have a moderate hearing loss in both ears which I wasnt born with but was caused by me continously getting ear infection after ear infection when...