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  1. Rosewind

    America's Love/Hate Relationship with Mexico and Mexicans

    Yea. That is true. You are right.
  2. Rosewind

    America's Love/Hate Relationship with Mexico and Mexicans

    Yea. You are right. Some Mexicans can be doctor, teacher and other. Also, I met some of them from college that they got degree before they got real good job. Some of them working at store. Well. I noticed most of them working outside when i was go out for long walking.
  3. Rosewind

    America's Love/Hate Relationship with Mexico and Mexicans

    Do you noticed most gardeners are Mexican and other? I have 2 gardeners and pool cleaner are from Mexico that they do real good job to cleaning up frontyard and backyard both. But, pool clean clean up is okay. When weather starts so hot, I have to give the gardeners free cold water bottles...
  4. Rosewind

    America's Love/Hate Relationship with Mexico and Mexicans

    Really? Wow. It is change from past to present. It is getting worst today than before. Let you know when I was at Washington DC. I never go walk outside alone but I always with my friends for go out. Let you know that I went to Boston many times when I visit my sister in law and brother in...
  5. Rosewind

    America's Love/Hate Relationship with Mexico and Mexicans

    I forget add one more. If you enter Mexico from a cruise, Good idea for you to stay in the group otherwise not safe go to alone. When I was with my mom, My mom wanted to be alone at shopping outside but I caught a stranger almost plan to rob her. I stopped him before he glup and walk away from...
  6. Rosewind

    America's Love/Hate Relationship with Mexico and Mexicans

    I did go to Mexican Cruise 2 times which is real fun. And I visited Mexico 3 times but I do not remember what name cities are. When I was in Cruise bus with group. I noticed Mexicans always surround us and try to selling us the stuffs and foods both. I brought Mexican dress from one of them...
  7. Rosewind

    Anyoney go to shakespeare festival utah before?

    Hi, I do not come here for so long time but I prefer post sometimes. Let me share with you about my experience that I visited in Cedar City where I went to watch the show called "Shakespeare Festival" in Utah with 2 ASL interpreters both are real good. Last year ago, my dad told me worth go...
  8. Rosewind

    2 angry cats 1 mouse

    Awww. that cats look like they fight over the mouse. LOL.
  9. Rosewind

    What you received from Christmas Presents ?

    I got the Christmas presents from my family. Crystal cat 3 DVDs The Dark Knight Rises, Total Recall and Journey 2 3 new clothes Frozen yogurt machine Book "Running wild" Sterling Silver necklace Makeup kite ULTA box That is all.
  10. Rosewind

    What's your height?

    5'8 height.
  11. Rosewind

    Are you a "night owl"?

    Most time, I still night owl reasons I got addict on coffee fraccpino and energy drink. Well..
  12. Rosewind

    Parents, don't leave your babies near dogs!

    Yea. Agree with you what said. This morning, I was reading newspapers about family dog killed a year old boy in accident in Henderson, Nevada. It is very sad. I believe that boy's parent are really responsible for watch over them both. They should NOT leave them alone like this. well..
  13. Rosewind

    How do I find Deaf people in my area?

    Try search "Deaf coffee" or other events google that will tell you what location is.
  14. Rosewind

    Stick with your own kind? or Mix it up!

    Well....I am a cacausian that I have most Welsh blood in my mom's side and Scottish is my dad's side family. No matter what races I like go date, but love most is Asian men. Reason that I love the black hairs. I did date 3 different Asian men in my past. Well.
  15. Rosewind

    Where's Your Favorite Place to Be & Live?

    Love to view of most snow on mountains. Most places are my favorites are Beaver Creek and Valis in Colorado where I can see the heavy snows are. Valis is most beautiful ski area that I was enjoy to see but too lousy with ski. LOL.
  16. Rosewind

    What Are You Reading Right now?

    Love to reading most about the ghosts, mythology, adventure and fantasy. Also, reading most books about the dark elf called himself "Drizzt Do'Urden" series is very good book. I know that author, R.A. Salvatore made a really good stories that he writes ever.
  17. Rosewind

    I really hate ignorant people.

    Understanding how you feel about this. Happen to me sometimes but I have to do is cool myself down when hearies were talking too much which annoying me! They did not realize that I am full deaf that I can not read the lips very well. But I always carry the notes with me most time.
  18. Rosewind

    skype or fb?

    I still have FB and Skype both but, I do not use Skype so much. Well..
  19. Rosewind

    Las Vegas AD Meet Up!

    I still live in Nevada, Henderson is about less than 20 minute from Las Vegas. I will go to Deaf Nation otherwise my day will be off from working in law office.
  20. Rosewind

    Who is single here?

    I am still single almost over 4 months after breakup with a jerk. I feel more peace and space but I am not in rush to seeking Mr. right.