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    Hello again from a hearing guy

    Hi forum, I made my account here about 10 years ago. I'm a hearing guy located in Southern California. I started my account because I was curious about the deaf community. I really don't recall why I ever left, but here I am again! Yay! So hello, hi, how-are-ya, and howdy-do. I'm currently...
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    the happy happy joy funtime dance (lots of animated images)

    in light of recent unhappinesses and disharmonious qi, in this thread everyone will do the happy happy joy funtime dance. :dance: :dance2: BRING IT!
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    your weight

    i'm 6'2" and far from skinny. i just asked my grandma to guess my weight. her estimate? 120. LOL. she was off by 102 pounds. since i graduated from high school, i've slowly been turning into a fat fuck. i've gained 70 pounds in 3 years! :shock: how about you all?
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    attn: deafies that walk and cycle places

    be glad you're deaf. you don't have to hear people honking at you and yelling random insults at you. these are usually a variant of "you're a little bitch". that is all. good day.
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    finding old crushes on myspace

    i recently found my first crush on myspace. we grew up in the same neighborhood and went to the same school for 6 years. in first grade, i wrote her a note: "you're beautiful" (yes i actually looked it up and spelled it right :h5:). i went to her 7th birthday party, where she playfully kicked...
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    break-ins and gun ownership

    i just found out today that my home was almost broken into within the last few days. the window in my storage room was open about ten inches and the piece of wood that was supposed to prevent the window from opening was violently jammed up into the window frame, so it's now stuck. there are...
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    age differences

    about 8 months ago, i started talking to a girl i know from college. we'd had some classes together and one day she emailed me. the first thing she said was, "hey sexy!" out of the blue. i guess the woman doesn't play around; she wanted DICK and she wanted it NOW! anyway we started calling...
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    do you have any friends that don't know any sign?

    this applies only to those who are profoundly deaf and primarily communicate with ASL or another sign language. do you have any friends or associates with whom you communicate only in writing? or do you only write when you have to and limit your friends to those who can sign back to you?
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    can YOU believe it's not butter?

    i, for one, can.
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    raising bugs as pets

    anyone done it? i caught some milkweed bugs in my back yard and i'm keeping them in a jar as pets. they only live about 1 month, though. i hope i won't get too attached. :cry:
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    Megaman Legends

    where my dogs at? Megaman Legends fans know what's up.
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    don't ask August anything

    or do it's your choice.
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    alldeaf's emoticons are hilarious

    i love them. some of my favorites: :shock: :jaw: :dance: (work it, girl!) :dance2: (cheesiest thing ever. do this at a party and watch yourself get punched in the mouth) :dunno2: :iough: (i did something just like this once and my friend spit up his soda all over his carpet) :h5...
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    what has standing up for gays cost you?

    my best friend throughout elementary, middle and most of high school told me he hated one of his teachers only because he was gay. i told him never to call me again and haven't spoken with him since (about 4 years now). then he immediately called some of our mutual friends from school and...
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    my cats are gay

    i have 5 cats. 3 boys, 2 girls. 2 of my male kitties have been getting it on. i guess that was their "coming out". that's all, i guess.
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    your vices

    are you a convicted felon? do you lust after little boys and girls? are you addicted to crack, pcp, alcohol, methamphetamines, or any other illicit drugs? do you frequently take candy from babies just to see them cry? tell us your vices.
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    will there ever be a deaf president of the United States?

    i posit that there won't be. the American people value a candidate's image above all else. nothing turns on voters more than a well-dressed, well-groomed, Christian, Harvard-educated white male (though the gender and race are becoming less important, i still think that either Obama or...
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    this is the alcohol thread not just the beer thread not just the wine thread not just the liquor thread EVERYTHING i just turned 21. i've been drunk about 4 times in my life. i have such a low tolerance for alcohol, i would get smashed on one glass of whiskey. i'm now trying...
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    underqualified teachers

    anyone had a mildly or strongly underqualified teacher in any subject? i have different teachers for my biology lab and lecture classes. my lab teacher has a strange teaching style. during the 3 hour class, he makes everyone get up and stand in the front of the room while he talks. this usually...
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    There Will Be Blood

    i can't believe there's not a thread for it. the 2nd best film of last year, not to mention a major character being deaf.