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    Cochlear and bimodal hearing aid

    Anyone have experience with a bimodal hearing aid and cochlear that "work" together? I'm looking at the Cochlear/Resound and AB/Phonak combos. If it does nothing else it seems at least they cycle between programs and volume together, is that really the benefit or do you hear better with them...
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    Battery Life - Real World Results?

    I was looking at a battery life ranges for hearing aids and was surprised to see what the average lifespans were that are listed on various site. I know there are a lot of variables such as how often they're used, battery size, accessories, etc... I think I go through batteries pretty fast...
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    Motorcycles - Who rides?

    What do you ride? What kind of helmet do you have? Do you wear your CI or HA when you ride? Ducati Monster 1200s Shoei GT Air (love the internal visor) Wear my HA, turn the volume down.
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    Hypersound Speaker System and HAs

    Has anyone tried out the Hypersound home theater system? It is supposed to provide directional sound, just curious how effective this is with hearing aids for those of us that still need captions on with our hearing aids on. I find myself dependent on captions even when I'm wearing...
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    Getting the right adjustment

    How do you go about getting your hearing aids adjusted properly? I'm having trouble figuring out what needs adjusting so I can hear speech clearly. Its not a volume issue... I feel like speech isn't clear, like I'm missing certain parts. It's hard for me to distinguish changes the audiologist...
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    CI and time off work?

    How do you handle time off work for the surgery and recovery time? It seems to be a candidate you need to have your hearing loss for 6 months before you can be approved. I don't know how I would be able to work during that time, plus the additional time it takes to learn to hear again...
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    Headphones and Hearing Aids

    Anyone notice if headphones have any affect on your hearing aids? It definitely seemed to impact the performance of my lyric. With the lyric it actually hurt my ear, really long phone calls seemed to do the same thing. I'm wearing a BTE now and with the BTE it seems to impact it too but not...
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    Careers for HOH and Deaf?

    Just curious what people do for a living. I've done a little google research and read about how the government used to hire a lot of deaf people but not so much anymore. I have a moderate hearing loss due to (LVAS), just lost more hearing due to a bike accident this morning so I may be...