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    AI Transcribers are Weird! (accurate at 300wpm, bad at 20wpm) -- Opposite of 1990s Dragon Dictate

    AI transcribers versus human stenographers Today's new speech-to-text transcribers are so vastly superior -- for 300wpm-speech situations, I find they can now outperform the speed of stenographers (in lecture / classroom / fast-speaker situations of common topics such as sales projections or...
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    2020 Upgrades: Canada IP-Relay Now Much Better (Rogers, Bell, Telus, etc)

    Hello, The new upgraded Canada IP-Relay clients used by Rogers and Bell Canada are much better and more smartphone-friendly! 1. The IP-Relay website is now responsive, can zoom properly (make fonts big) with Chrome zoom. 2. Works perfectly in mobile web browsers including iPhone and Android...
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    WebCaptioner: Free Live Transcribe for big screen TVs and laptops

    There's a great new captioning tool: This is like Live Transcribe except it works on big-screen televisions -- connect your laptop to any big screen. You simply open the website on a laptop and it will automatically caption everything that goes into the computer's microphone...
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    Major Problems with Bell/Rogers/Telus Canadian IP-Relay Service

    Hello There are currently numerous problems with Canadian IP-Relay services at this moment, so I had to mail a CRTC complaint (Home Phone section) at I am posting here, since other deaf Canadians may need to know about this. --- --- ---...
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    List of Streaming Services with CC/Subtitles [Netflix, AppleTV, Vudu, Amazon, etc]

    Hello, Based on my researching about Closed Captioning and Subtitles: [Info current as of January 3, 2012] Services supporting CC/Subtitles - Netflix: Captioning is supported. (now lots of material) - AppleTV: Captioning is supported. (some material) - Vudu: Captioning IS NOT supported. -...
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    Bell Cannada IP-Relay - Possible CRTC violation?

    (written to Bell, copied here) CC: CRTC To Bell Canada, Recently, you made a change to your IP Relay service that makes the process of making a phone call slower and longer. Your IP Relay service login procedure has become unacceptable, and a possible violation of "ease of disability access"...
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    Real-Time Text on Google Talk & Apple iChat !!! Coming in 2012.

    I have invented a method of real time text over Jabber-compatible networks including Google Talk, Apple iChat, Cisco WebEx and similiar chat programs that use the same chat system (did you know Google, Apple and Cisco use the same chat system?). I put the invention on a website at
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    I'm a deaf SKYDIVER. And I'm also a geek/programmer too!

    Hello! Although I've been around a bit, I'm reintroducing myself! ....One is that I'm Canada's first licensed born-deaf skydiver, I'm listed as the only Canadian skydiver at Profiles! I have published an article about my skydiving endeavours at this link...
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    List of Favourite CANADA-compatible deaf technologies

    For a long time, Canada has played second fiddle to USA for deaf technologies, although the difference is slowly shrinking. I'm continually researching good Canadian deaf technologies and communications in Canada: Smartphones - Chat Apps Pick any favourite smartphone: Many popular models with...
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    New for 2011: Listing of New Canadian Relay Services

    The year 2011 may be the time that Canada finally gets out of the stone age, as far as online relay services is concerned. In 2011, you are no longer stuck with using a TDD to call Bell Relay Service or Telus Relay Service. Example -- You can use a wireless laptop instead of using a TDD or...
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    Google introduces deaf-friendly GMAIL SIGN LANGUAGE!

    Hello! Check out... Google introduces GMAIL SIGN LANGUAGE! "GMAIL Motion" .... Go check it out! ;-) The YouTube video is closed-captioned (kudos!)
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    Skydiving while using a BlackBerry in freefall! [YouTube]

    Last weekend, I decided to enter a contest, at My submission was to conduct a skydive while holding a BlackBerry in my hand: (By the way, hello to fellow Skydivers John Woo, Billy Vance and others. Some people on...
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    Sprint WebCapTel website now works on BlackBerry Bold OS 5.0!!

    Hello, works on BlackBerry Bold's web browser if you upgrade to BlackBerry OS beta .... This OS is fairly buggy, so I recommend waiting until the final 5.0 release comes out, however, if you cannot wait. Since you cannot reconfigure your font size in...
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    Dream Deafie Laptop? Sony Vaio P "netbook" (It's the size of Ultratec's "Compact")

    Hello, I think that this coat-pocket-sized laptop is pretty neat: - Run WINDOWS XP or VISTA - Builtin camera for video conferencing - Builtin 3G highspeed Internet and wireless 'n' - Very high resolution 1600x768 screen (can be switched to lower resolution or browser zoomed to 200% for...
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    Confirmation: Captioned Telephone works on iPhone! (Sprint WebCapTel)

    Big news for Captioned Telephone users! Mobile Handheld Captioned Telephone is here to stay! (Thanks to Apple putting a nearly full version of Safari browser on iPhone) Here's the pix as proof: 1 Open Safari on iPhone 2. In Safari, log onto (or...
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    iPhone 3G compatible with WebCapTel? (

    Yes! Captioned Telephone WORKS on iPhone 3G (Sprint WebCapTel) Hello, Apparently, a friend tried and it seems to load fine on their iPhone 3G. The website actually worked up to before attempting a call. Can someone with Web Captioned Telephone test this on an iPhone 3G...
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    BLAME CANADA -- And yes, I'm a CANADIAN. (WebCapTel, Sorenson, Relay Fund, VRS, etc)

    I hereby open a new topic, since this merits a separate discussion. This is not a problem: It's a problem of the U.S. government subsidizing relay/interpretors, and Canada not subsidizing. The playing field is unbalanced. Solution: Have Canada COMPETE! Let us all Canadian deafies DEMAND our...
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    Amazingly improved Relay for BlackBerry!

    Hi! The upgraded new version of IP-Relay for BlackBerry is now out: It is amazingly FAST, launches INSTANTLY, and works with the BlackBerry addressbook. One button press and the relay operator is already dialing the phone number ONLY TWO SECONDS after I pick up my...
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    HOWTO: Successfully getting TTY working over VoIP

    (This is for technically-experienced people) I know we all have videophones, IP-Relay, and other technologies that replaces TTY. However, some of us still need to also use TTY sometimes. Just wanted to say I got my TTY working perfectly over a telephone line connected over VoIP...
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    Deaf Skydivers - Anybody? - Also Skydive Deaf World Record 2005

    Good afternoon! In case you didn't know - I have a skydiving hobby - I recently completed my 100th skydive jump during the Labour Day weekend. Here are the pictures. I am the guy in the red helmet: Yeah, that's me in the red helmet. I've got only 117 jumps, so I was the least...