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    Family fights substance they say led to son's suicide

    one of those things damed if do damed if don' many addictive stuff about
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    The Rain That Would Never End

    great work
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    Interpreter caught MP swearing

    mostly in uk they don't turn up or fall asleep
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    Serious relationship

    the deaf get everywhere:naughty:
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    OUCH! First Skull Transplant in TX

    saw this interview today..I don't think his options were that good if not had surgery
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    Deaf author and illustrator

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    Ask me a ?

    :hmm:what is the question
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    Dog found with its muzzle taped shut (WARNING!)

    this poor animal is proberly unsuitable for re-homing what a tradegty what awful life..even if not suitable for re-homing surely someone somewhere could do something with him...As it made national headlines maybe someone like Cesare could do something... I not sure I understand typical black...
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    Meet heroin's tiniest victims: newborns

    what do it do to brain even after years they suffer
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    Parents house

    you are doing this for your going be well experienced when you finished doings hers after yours...I thinking I need son like you
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    One for the resident cat ladies ...

    I not allowed see that why is that calvin,not available outside States
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    What are you thinking about Part VII

    what is fire ball..... what do you say ass or arse I say arse but most americans say ass but notice rr using arse...I only notice people say arse just recently as in lard arse jeeeeeeeeze I not taught you swear words...if I say had cock up at work or I cocked it up no big deal the vicar says...
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    Police: 4 relatives beat pregnant Dallas teen to abort baby

    do you think hell maybe to good for them..They got be tried for first degree murder and attempted murder of mother
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    Scam uses Sorenson VP phone directory!

    it is...I had quite afew..I was getting up to 20 a day I just delete no open them although I did once and emailed back show good will meet me at such and such place set time date 2000 in cash,never had African scam since. another new scam There quite a few street magicians like dynomo they...
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    What did you learn today?

    no needed war independence them critters did nice job Yanky amphibians I never seen tadpole so big going have get wildlife expert come deal with it if is bull frog they will either kill it or send it back. wHY in heavens sake we want rampant vermin must been for food nobody in right minds...
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    Man sues after wife's casket washes up during Texas flood

    That just awful poor man
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    Meet heroin's tiniest victims: newborns

    been happening for many years even as far back as king Charles1 his wife Henrietta who addicted to opium queen Victoria to cannabis and odd opium shot..It not the province of desperate venial girls in the social problem first as to why find out reason hopefully end it.. father was...
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    What did you learn today?

    I may have American bull frog tadpole in my pond another escapee they becoming a nuisance,they hitching lifts on veggi fruit etc...yanky grey squirrel did for our beautiful and if I must say superior red and now yanky bull frog which ugliest thing ever seen in my pond....I not happy seeing that
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    I hate when I can't find my hearing Aide!!

    is it possible get them insured?it do make going out like route march
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    Wrist pain

    I had my trapize bone removed my hand much better for it.....Hand doc said so many people coming hospital with hand problems all due to small phones and txing. I asked doc this very question he said signing should cause no problems with hands unless you already got them I must say ASL alphabet...