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    Looking for an aerogrow....

    Hey all, I am wondering if anyone here has a very gently used Aerogarden 7 Extra or Ultra they don't use and might want to sell? My hubby and I had an aerogarden 7 extra and when we got ready to move my eldest son asked if he could borrow it till we got settled into a new place. It's looking...
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    Just when you thought it couldn't get worse

    Dr. Helen Caldicott Talks Bluntly About Fukushima | Crooks and Liars There is no transcript for this...and if anyone can find this with subtitles then please let me know. But my hubby says it essentially boils down to all those nuclear reactors have melted down and as the woman put it, the...
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    This is very disturbing

    If Republicans Want To Shut Down Washington, They'll Have To Ask China's Permission First - Forbes
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    what is a good, free and EASY program for learning to design computer games?

    I have been wanting to design a computer game for a few years...but I have no idea how to even start. What is a good, EASY to use and above all FREE program to help me get started? :hmm:
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    This is my website...what do you think?

    I have a website and while it is still a work in progress, I am pretty proud of what I have gotten so far. Also, I am thinking of adding a Deaf Pagans forum to it. Any suggestions as how to really jazz up the site and monetize it even more? Techno Spells - Witchery for the Modern Age
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    I need sewing advice

    I just recently received a Euro Pro sewing machine as a gift. While it is used, it is in excellent condition...I only need to purchase a presser foot for it. I am only just learning to sew, and I am wondering what is the best brand of sewing patterns to purchase and how can I make my own patterns?
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    Anyone know if Ohio is deaf friendly?

    Anyone here know if the Colombus, Ohio area is Deaf friendly?
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    Anyone else here make their own wine/beer?

    I am curious if anyone here brews up their own wine or beer? I have been learning to make fruit wines and Mead and perfecting my recipes. So far so good. My wine(s) have turned out pretty well and I have found using the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid) method works the best. Beer, on the...
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    Everyone should see these movies...

    Folks for anyone who thinks Walmart is so great, or wonders what the hell is really going on in this country...well, here ya go. Check these out. Walmart Sends Fake Reporter to Infiltrate and Spy on Workers | Crooks and Liars Documentaries: Wal-mart: The high cost of low price Zeitgeist the...
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    Anyone else here dealing with RA?

    Just wondering if anyone else here is dealing with RA? (Rheumatoid Arthritis) I was diagnosed with it recently and I am only 44. Just wondering what any one here does to cope with it. They wanted to put me on some of those horrible drugs, most of which is guaranteed to give you a form of...
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    anyone else here have dread locks?

    Anyone else here have dread locks? If so, what method did you or are you using to do your dreads? I started mine about 3 months ago. They are coming along fine. :D I don't use wax, as that will tend to make them hold dirt and possibly even cause them to mildew and rot. I got an all natural...
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    My Mojo doggie and Salem cat

    me mate and I has two of the sweetest furry children, Mojo dog and Salem cat. As soon as I figure out how to post pics y'all will get to see them! :D
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    Changing a gas tank

    How does one change a gas tank? We got a van a few months ago and after getting some bad gas the entire fuel system got trashed. What a bitch! We have been told we need to put a new tank on well as a few other items. It is a 92 Chevy Mark 3. HELP!
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    How would I go about starting a Deaf Awarness group in my community?

    Hey hey! I just moved to a place called Morehead, Kentucky and frankly I am having NO luck in finding a group to hang with. My hubby and I, (who is a 'hearie'), are quickly finding out that there isn't much "deaf awareness" in this community. It is home to Morehead State University, and...
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    Just joined AllDeaf! I hope to make new friends here and learn more about how I can find a Deaf Community in the area I just moved to. I lost my hearing about 4 years ago and have found trying to function in the hearing world I have known for most of my 44 years is just incredibly frustrating...