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    Deaf Opinions

    TSYM! :bowdown:
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    Deaf Opinions

    Hello, I am learning ASL and I have this assignment where I need to find a Deaf blog or some other content created by a Deaf person. Unfortunatley most of the blogs on my school computer are blocked and the ones that are avalaible don't cover the topics that I am supposed to cover. Maybe if you...
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    Advice on including a hearing-impaired person in a story

    Hello cleverclawclaw I feel your worry I am a wannabe author I would also like to include a Deaf character in my story, I am not a Deaf or Hard of Hearing person myself but I can try to give yourself some pointers: 1. make the character more than a Deaf person, this goes for most characters so...
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    Wanting to learn more about Deaf culture

    Hello TSdent, I am I hearing individual but I am taking an ASL course that also teaches me about Deaf culture and history. My experience with the real Deaf experience is slim to none but I can still talk.
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    Welcome Carter! Pleasure to have you on this website!
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    Hearing asl student

    Hello Graciesigns0011, It is nice to meet you. I am also new to ASL it is a beautiful language and wanted something different from last year's French class. I am not Deaf but I think that I can give you some pointers if you would like! :welcome: