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  1. ladysolitary85

    CI surgery and Sleep Apnea

    Those of you who have sleep apnea, I was wondering if you had to bring your CPAP machine to surgery. Sent from my SM-G900T using AllDeaf App mobile app
  2. ladysolitary85

    Got Approved for a CI!!!

    I go in for surgery Feb 6th!!!! So freaking excited!!! I decided to go with Advanced Bionics :) They will do the worse side and I got a surgeon that has awesome reviews from my peers! so happy! *clears throat* sorry, had to share :giggle:
  3. ladysolitary85

    How It's Made?

    I know on the show "How It's Made" hearing aids are sjown, but what about the cochlear implant? That would be cool to watch (how they make the processor and implant). Sent from my SM-G900T using AllDeaf App mobile app
  4. ladysolitary85

    Real Ear Messure and audiogram tests

    Here is my tests, My speech recognition test aided is on a different form. I Scored a 13% on that. The audiogram is upside-down I'm sorry guys. Sent from my SM-G900T using AllDeaf App mobile app
  5. ladysolitary85

    Psychological evaluation for CI

    So I don't know the exact details but my MRI and CT Scan but all I know on that is the report looks good. Friday I go through the psychological evaluation part of the step to get a CI. I know it will be a hour long and some reading will be involved. Has anyone had one? Sent from my SM-G900T...
  6. ladysolitary85

    SSI and a Cochlear Implant

    If you get the implant will SSI cut you off of benefits? or does your status change to SSDI? Sent from my SM-G900T using AllDeaf App mobile app
  7. ladysolitary85

    Cochlear or Advanced Bionics?

    Hey everyone! I finally went to a Cochlear Implant specialist and he gave me the run down to what to expect, process before and after surgery. He encouraged me to talk with anyone that has the implant done to learn from their experiences, brand they use. The brand choices I would have is...
  8. ladysolitary85

    Any teachers out there?

    So I have a very big passion for art, and currently majoring that in college but still pondering career paths I may want to take. I thought about becoming a art teacher.... My problem is I can't understand people when they talk (and as you know lipreading can be tiring). Out of curiosity...
  9. ladysolitary85

    Anne Rice fans??? big news!

    So in case some of you don't know yet, Anne Rice has a new book out "Prince Lestat" to continue with the vampire chronicles. The release date is October 28th. Link to Barns and Nobles on it: Prince Lestat (Vampire Chronicles Series #11) by Anne Rice | 9780307962522 | Hardcover | Barnes &...
  10. ladysolitary85

    Sleep Apnea

    Just out of curiosity does anyone on here have Sleep Apnea? How did you find out? What treatment are/did you go through? I would just like to hear about some experiences, maybe some success stories.
  11. ladysolitary85

    SSI/SSDI and School

    Does anyone know if there are any special rules if I went to college in order to keep my benefits? example: Have to be a Part-Time student/have no more than such amount of units. Anything like that? If it helps I'm in California.
  12. ladysolitary85

    Ellen Page

    Just came out as lesbian :D:cheers:
  13. ladysolitary85

    Hashimoto Disease

    So I found out recently that I have Hashimoto Disease and that explains a lot of things that I've been going through lately with my thyroids throwing my body completely out of whack. It's basically when the immune attacks the thyroid mistakingly and is actually a pretty common thyroid disease...
  14. ladysolitary85

    Ptsd ?

    Just out of curiosity, those of you who have become late deafen, did you experience PTSD from the loss? I ask because even though I have been deaf since kindergarten (right cochlea fried from fever,left degrading slowly) My left is almost the same as my right and now I feel like my hearing aid...
  15. ladysolitary85

    Might be looking into getting CI

    Hey everyone so I went to a new audiologist for a hearing exam and found out my hearing is actually getting worse. I'm not getting enough clarity with my current hearing aid (it's not very old a few months) and she advised that I got a cochlear implant. My right has complete loss my left seems...
  16. ladysolitary85

    Kitten bullying older cat.... HELP

    My cat Milo who is 5 years old is a very loving, talkative, orange tabby and such a great cuddle bug. Then I have a almost 4 month old kitten Rascal who is fearless, adventurous, playful tux kitty. Anyways Rascal seems mellow when hes cuddles with my girlfriend and I until Milo walks into the...
  17. ladysolitary85


    Who plays and what is your favorite race/class?
  18. ladysolitary85

    Anyone do Yoga?

    Been trying to Youtube some Yoga videos not finding much for subtitles though :-( But I like it! Those of you who do Yoga how long have you been doing it and has it benefited you?
  19. ladysolitary85

    Those of you who have SSI/SSDI

    I have a bit of a random question.... If you were given a letter from Social Security saying you met the medical requirement for disability benefits but a decision has not yet been made on the nonmedical requirements and a second letter will be sent soon with the decision... what does that mean...
  20. ladysolitary85

    Hearing Aid Update:

    So I've been using Starkey RIC Wi Series for about 3 years and it seems like I'm not getting enough out of it. VR forwarded me to a audi and it looks like I may be getting the latest Starkey BTE 3 Series woohoo! This will really help me out if they approve it! Anyways, here is my latest...