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  1. adamlogan

    Petition to Apple concerning Accessibility for HOH / Blind / and other hidden disabilities

    I realize this is a deaf forum, and for many of you synthetic voices are irelevant to you. However many of us who still have some residual hearing and those of us in the greater disability community who have vision support needs, synthetic voices are very useful for access to literature and for...
  2. adamlogan

    Seeking high quality wearable wireless microphone transmitter

    I'm looking for a high-quality microphone transmitter that a lecturer can wear unobtrusively like a lapel mic or an earpiece boom mic that leaves the ear cavity open and unobstructed. The mic will need to connect wirelessly to my iPhone 6s via Bluetooth. The transmitter to receiver technology...
  3. adamlogan

    Made for iphone ha work with apple watch?

    Does anyone have a hearing aid that works with the apple watch? I have a 38 mm series 2 in aluminum. I'm on the market for new hearing aids, and was just wondering if anyone had hearing aids, or knew or a hearing aid that could do that. Syncing well with the iPhone itself is more important of...
  4. adamlogan

    Good Audiologists In Santa Barbara?

    Hey everyone, I'm in Santa Barbara for the next month or so, I need hearing aids and fast, can anyone recommend audiologist in Santa Barbara or within an hour from here? Especially audiologists that are familiar with the Resound line of hearing aids.
  5. adamlogan

    Best writing implement

    I'm looking for something to write back and forth with hearing people. A little backstory. I am partially deaf and wear two hearing aids. I've noticed that 99% of hearing people cannot understand that I cannot hear them even though I talk well, so they just keep talking to me which is...
  6. adamlogan

    Little Flower Community wants you! (Rochester NY area)

    Greetings all, I live in a wonderful collective called Little Flower Community in Rochester NY, we are looking for people who are interested in sustainability, permaculture -generally good people who act as a force of good in the world- to join our community. It's open to hearing and...
  7. adamlogan

    What to use for writing with hearing people?

    Hi, I'm wondering what your favorite products are to write with hearing people. I'm hard of hearing, but I often get stuck on a word that I just can't understand no matter how many times I ask the hearing person to repeat it. Eventually I have to ask them to spell it. It's gotten even worse...
  8. adamlogan

    Audiologist in Rochester NY area?

    Which audiologist clinic have you had good experiences with in Rochester NY? I'm HOH and wear two Naida Ultra Powers and am considering buying a Phonak Roger Pen & Roger Receiver, or just buying better hearing aids. Am very frustrated being left out of conversations when at meetings in my...
  9. adamlogan

    Vrs vco

    I'm just wondering, what VRS service provides the best VCO (that's Voice Carry Over) experience? I'm HOH and prefer to use my voice when speaking for myself, but really appreciate the benefit of having an interpreter. I miss less and don't have to ask people to repeat themselves so often this...
  10. adamlogan

    Suggestions on Auto Insurance Comparisons?

    Hi, I've been with Statefarm for over 10 years now, and I've had enough. I've been a loyal customer and have a nearly spotless record (I've had 2 speeding tickets, that's it). I pay ~$130 / month for comprehensive. My insurance is going up rather than going down. I need a cheaper car...
  11. adamlogan

    Waterproof hearing aids

    I'm looking into waterproof hearing aids. I am considering becoming a professional recreational scuba diver. It would really help if I could wear hearing aids on the boat without worries. I understand some new hearing aids are water resistant, but I'm skeptical. My current hearing aids a pair...
  12. adamlogan

    Rochester NY Deaf Yoga Class

    This exclusively Deaf Yoga class hosted at Open Sky Yoga is the highlight of my week. I always leave class feeling better and more relaxed than when I walked in. Alan, our teacher, really takes the time to describe and demonstrate each pose in ASL and helps each student understand and achieve...
  13. adamlogan

    Proof of Deafness for International Travel

    Hey all, I went to France for a month from June to July this year (2011), I went to the major tourist attractions and found out that they have great accommodations for the disabled. Quite a few major tourist attractions will let disabled people in for free. The gotcha is that you need to be a...