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  1. compLicaTed

    Nigerian Scams BUSTED!!!

    i found this site freakin hilarious its pretty lengthy but its worth the read or was for me at least!!! simply magnificent. madddd props
  2. compLicaTed

    alldeaf dot com pictures... IN your region!

    Hey y'all gotta take pictures of members you hang out with and post it here!!I don't know if there were previous threads regarding this, but here's a fresh start!! Tweetybird, Simbaster, Scatterwater, CompLicaTed, and Lady (holding the Alabama sign)! :mrgreen:
  3. compLicaTed


    found this movie to be extremely good :wiggle:
  4. compLicaTed

    absent superman

    six months (eternity in itself) and all you leave me is two packs of cigarettes and the faint smell of your colonge on my pillow you've seen the worst and the last of me, you said your wrecked monte carlo leaving tire tracks in my front yard so quick to leave you're supposed to be my...
  5. compLicaTed


    Once upon a time there was a Prince who, through no fault of his own, was cast under a spell by an evil witch. The curse was that the Prince could speak only one word each year. However, he could save up the words so that if he did not speak for a whole year, then the following year he was...
  6. compLicaTed


    found this to be extremely interesting just thought i'd share it.... Dear Cecil: My boyfriend just told me about "memes," the theory of which apparently involves looking at ideas as viruses that invade the human brain. Strong memes...
  7. compLicaTed


    imagination without wings everything's gonna be all right because i stand here all alone with my broken wings an fallen angel poised for flight but yeah everything's gonna be all right i've got your broken dreams in the palms of my hand i thought i could buy a piece of heaven instead i...
  8. compLicaTed

    body piercings!!!

    i'm seriously debating with myself about getting a triangle done.... umm, down there yea. and getting my breasts done. anyone got any suggestions or advice? lol...
  9. compLicaTed

    to xbox or not?

    i'm debating whether should i buy a xbox or not... should i? i can get a deal for maybe 100 dollars. will it be worth it?
  10. compLicaTed

    past rapshody

    in a past life i met this guy now, he was as fine as can be and me being me a struggling artist a full blown hedonist partaking in the sins of life livin' alone with Lipstick, my cat surrounded by earthly goods in splendidor with my grubby halo decided to let him in. well...
  11. compLicaTed

    a song of silence

    a song of silence- bring your hands to my ears, if you will... and to you, my secrets, i shall reveal my secret is this: i dance with the wind; with a whisper of passion- of things that once was, is, and will be my eyes ultimately behold my dreams, my visions, and my desires...
  12. compLicaTed

    deaf slangs

    anybody- put in all the deaf slangs u know of lol. i.e. immature finish, me pepe & etc
  13. compLicaTed

    kingdom hearts

    any of you heard of kingdom hearts? that's what i'm playing right now. :cool:
  14. compLicaTed

    what's your definition of late?

    some people think "late" is 11 pm... while others, like me think 7am is late.. lol. :crazy: