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  1. Hex

    Being deaf and lgbtqia

    Has anyone here experienced difficulty finding a partner because of deafness and LGBTQIA identity I feel very alone in this
  2. Hex

    Christmas alone

    Is there anyone else spending Christmas alone this year if so what do you plan on doing
  3. Hex

    I need advive

    I have a roommate who has trying to get me kicked out of my apartment because I'm not currently working im on social security so I can afford rent and utilities but he calls me a unmotivated deadbeat and everything you can imagine because he's working and I'm not I was working but do to a...
  4. Hex

    Childhood Home

    So today I decided to take a trip down memory lane to my old foster parents house they use to own before they moved to Maine well when I arrived needless to say I was in a state of shock the house and property was well let's just say it was abandoned well I walked around and found some of my...
  5. Hex

    Feeling Lonely

    I've been feeling lonely lately I don't really have many people I can talk to iv felt like I'm in a rut idk what to do I live in a small town with not many people
  6. Hex

    Looking For Lgbtqi Friends

    Hi mi looking for lgbtqi friends HOH deaf or hearing trying to build community and confidence thank you in advance for all who responded:wave:
  7. Hex

    Hearing Loss Scared!

    I was born HOH but I still had a fair bit of hearing but over time it's gotten worse and I only have about a year I'm scared any thoughts thank you ahead of time
  8. Hex

    New Looking For Friends

    New here looking to make friends