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  1. RBDShadow

    ASL in public setting?

    Ok, so we live in a hearing world, right? So some of us rely on lip reading, speech and asl. So we interact with hearing people every day no matter what, so what I'm asking is, those of you who in a public setting, do you use sign language even when you're just talking to a hearing person or...
  2. RBDShadow

    Dog ate my hearing aids.

    Yup, you read that title correctly, my 1-year old pittie got my both my hearing aids while I left the room for just a min and the next thing I knew, I found them shredded. Sad thing is, this is my second pair I've gone through in a matter of three months. Same thing happened to the first pair...
  3. RBDShadow

    Iphone: more deaf/hoh friendly than other phones?

    Iphone: more deaf/hoh friendly than other phones? Hey guys, I'm having trouble trying to figure out whether I should get an I phone because it seems more deaf/hoh friendly, and that's really nice to have so I won't have to struggle trying figure out what the other person is saying on the...
  4. RBDShadow

    Looking to make more deaf/HOH friends! :)

    Hi guys! All this time that I've been on AD, I haven't gotten much response so I'd thought I'd just send out a new thread on here. :) Here's a little bit about me: I'm a 19-year old female college student currently studying to become a athletic trainer. Trying to get through it. I'm HOH and...
  5. RBDShadow

    Chicagoans? Or at least in IL?

    Hoping to meet anyone deaf/HOH, and make more friends in the deaf community and keep up on my signing! :) All is welcome. I'm HOH with two hearing aids. I sign well, but I'd just like to keep up with it. :)
  6. RBDShadow

    Can you read Braille?

    A little funny/ignorant thing happened to me today at work. While me and my co-worker were just chilling, wiping some stuff down, waiting for customers (I work at a mall, mind you). My co-worker (Let's call him John) was asking me some questions about ASL because he had seen me communicate...
  7. RBDShadow

    Prefer deaf or HOH or hearing?

    I sometimes feel like I'd much rather be deaf than HOH. It seems easier to me, ya know? Do any other HOH or hearing folks feel this way? I wonder if I'm the only one. How about, do any deaf folks wish they could hearing than deaf?
  8. RBDShadow

    HOH and looking to make friends on here :)

    Hi! I'm new to alldeaf and never really used a site like to communicate with others like me. And I would like to meet others like me, because really who wouldn't? So hello!