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  1. angelique.

    Im starting to hate math.

    whats your favorite subject when you in school? any level, elementary/middle/high school/college Math always seemed easy until fractions came. i think my favorite class was history (:
  2. angelique.

    Im not Angelique1982

    Im not sure who that is but nobody should assume that im her just because we have thesame name. I dont know how to prove it but im not her. I recently juat made my accoubt to interact with people who are deaf HOH and even hearing people. Im not gonna lie about making accounts why do i need more...
  3. angelique.

    What do you do when...

    you don't have anybody to talk to, because everyone you once knew just walked out on you, or just decided not to speak to you or they just don't want to listen to you anymore?
  4. angelique.

    hello ;)

    how is everyone doing today?
  5. angelique.

    New here :)

    Hello everyone, Im Angelique, im 20 years old and married. i love to learn new languages and i used to learn sign language but that was maybe 10 years ago. I didn't stick to learning it because after changing schools they didnt offer asl classes for everyong to learn. So im here to learn...