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    Defective cochlear-ear implant ....In case someone you know has this older model

    Jury awards $7.25M for hearing aid that severely shocked
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    My trip to Yellowstone

    These are pics of my trip, the first link is to all the pics The 2nd link views the pics as a slide-show Yellowstone pictures from hiking & backpacking photos on webshots Slideshow of pictures, photos, and videos, from webshots
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    Moving Forword

    Will get to my feet Once and for all Walk out that door Don’t stop or I’ll fall Taken me long To get to this point I feel strong enough Hope I won’t disappoint The world outside Has been waiting for me Its called to me often It wants me to flee Ignored it to long This feeling...
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    Hey guess what?? I didn't know it until I saw your pic but I have known you for about 8 years..... Do you know who I am???
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    AllDeaf's very own trash newspaper

    {The Deaf Enquirer} 1st print As many of you already know the Duggar's have just had their 17th baby, what you don't know is that sara1981 in real life is Michelle Duggar. Will someone please tell sara1981 to stop having sex. You have been told recently that the reason for MsGiglz...
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    Does anyone no anything about these hearing aids? My daughters mom wants us to buy her these but I don't really know anything about them. Zounds Hearing Aids
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    Dear Liza

    The Sami want you to return there reindeer
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    Virgin River Campground and Utah hikes

    To bypass my long story and just look at the pics click on this link Virgin River campground and Utah hikes pictures from hiking & backpacking photos on webshots There is a slide show link you can click on for easier viewing OK folks these are pics from my vacation last week. I had...
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    my new hero is

    SpiceHD , thank you. enough said
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    Dear RainGurl

    What have you forgotten to do in the last 2 1/2 months?
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    The Dark

    The eyes are open but what do they see Nothing but darkness, how can that be The ears hear nothing in this darkness I see Silence is everywhere, everywhere for me What has trapped me in so dark a place Why do my ears hear not a sound Am I dreaming or am I awake Will I ever know, can I...
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    Kyocera Strobe K612B

    My new phone
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    My upcoming vacation

    I have 5 weeks vacation and I am using the first this week. here is where I am going I should have some good pics. Leaving tomorrow morning and I shall return Thursday evening. It's supposed to snow there tonight but the rest of the week should be ok. I...
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    It snowed in Phoenix

    well, almost.After a record 146 days of no rain it not only rained it snowed on the mountains on the north side of the Phoenix metro area. here is some pics
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    how about a little story

    not sure how long I will keep this up but here it goes...... there once was a girl named gnarlydorkette and she was always happy one day she saw AJ but all he did was stare and drool gnarlydorkette asked AJ "why are you staring at me and drooling?" but when AJ tried to reply...
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    Check this out

    make sure you watch the whole thing
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    My Favorite hobby

    besides sex I mean, I love to hike Here is a link to some photos I have taken in the last year. 10 hikes and 1 train ride. I think it works best when you view them in a slideshow. About half of these you may have seen before but there are many new ones. My photos
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    Boynton Canyon Trail

    This was a 5 mile hike in Sedona I went on in early May of 05. There was a small hike connected with it I went on also Just click on the link then click play If there are any problems viewing let me know