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  1. Steel X

    Who's Looking Forward To Football?!

    Only a few more weeks until Football begins! I can't wait! I'll even be going to the Carolina Panthers' game this October. :D What about you? Which team do you support and why? :P
  2. Steel X

    Cued Speech?

    I believe I've made a thread about Cued Speech some years ago, but...not sure where to find it lol so anyway, I'm sure we have more new members coming in ever since I've registered. Anyway, I wonder how many of you out there knows Cued Speech? Even though I grew up with it before I learned sign...
  3. Steel X

    Entry Level Graphic Design Position?

    Hey y'all! As some of you may have known that I've already graduated from National Technical Institute for The Deaf at Rochester Institute of Technology. I earned an associate's degree in Arts & Imaging Studies studying graphic design. I completed my internship this past summer. Now I am...
  4. Steel X

    need help on finding answer to see which option of medicaid cover cochlear implant

    Good afternoon, I'm currently in South Carolina as I already switched my SSI with medicaid insurance so I'm supposed to get my cochlear implant this summer. I was originally from North Carolina but since the audiologist told me that according to the North Carolina state law, medicaid will not...
  5. Steel X

    I just bought my 3DS

    I just saved up $ and bought a 3DS. loving it so far...bought Dead or Alive : Dimensions along with it as well. One of my favorite fighting series so far. I did have the DS lite before but I gave it away to my ex gf -_- I should've got it back but oh well 3DS is alot better and will get some DS...
  6. Steel X

    I am at RIT now

    I am at RIT now since about almost two weeks during the SVP seems okay so far just kind of not used to the big change and everything yet but so far Im having fun lol any of u at RIT or what?
  7. Steel X

    PETA is nothing but embarrassment.

    I've always hear alot of shit about PETA and they are really annoying. Remember last year they barked an uproar against Obama for killing a fly? seriously...a fly. At least it wasn't a dog or whatever, but yeah that's just pretty stupid. PETA also put up ads of an image showing an overweight...
  8. Steel X

    Best movie of 2009 you ever seen?

    So what was like, seriously the best move you ever seen this year? I say it is definitely Watchmen for me.
  9. Steel X

    elementary kid suspended just for long hair?...

    Wow, and to think that these schools have nothing better to do anymore :roll: Texas parents battle school over son's long locks
  10. Steel X

    Sony is really pissing me off.

    I have bought Silent Hill : Origins via PSN on my PSP and there were some cutscene issues. It will not show the cutscene fully...will only show it for afew seconds then your back to game play. I didn't even press any buttons during the cutscene and it happened on quite afew of them doing the...
  11. Steel X

    Windows 7 desktop wallpaper issue

    So...I'm using windows 7 on my netbook. I have saved the picture as a theme for the desktop however, abt every time I turn off my netbook and turn it on, the picture gets all stretched and looks terrible and I went to the options to turn it back to fit or fill but it kept staying in the...
  12. Steel X

    unfreaking believable...

    I never expected something like this to happen to it did. I am a proud PS3 owner and something just happened after I just got the latest patch to MW2. I turned on my PS3, play MW2, and then a notice came up saying the latest patch is up for download so I thought it was odd for...
  13. Steel X

    So...what you think about the health care bill?

    They have passed the health care bill last night and I thought it was good news but at the same time...bad news due to the economy and other things. Your opinons?
  14. Steel X

    Tekken 6 Tekken 6 worth the buy? I am considering of getting that as I trade in a couple games to get Tekken 6 at a good deal. I will trade in CoD : World at War and Star Wars : The Force Unleashed for Tekken 6...since I already have CoD: WaW for the PS3 and The Sith Edition will come out...
  15. Steel X

    Tomb Raider 2 on PSone classics

    I've downloaded it via PSN and I am in the 2nd level where you get a boat in the alley and all so anyway I am struggling with one problem in this the heck do I get off the boat after I get in?
  16. Steel X


    I've waited almost 3 years for the price to drop on the 120GB Hard Drive that I can upgrade for my Xbox360...seems like Microsoft won't drop it any time soon and my shitty 20GB was getting absolutely worthless so yesterday I went and bought the new upgradeable hard drive and it is MUCH better...
  17. Steel X

    For videogames news, my opinons, other things...

    You want videogames news, my opinons, talk abt videogames with me, trade Xbox live gamertag, PSN sns, add me on facebook thanks. I have already came up with a screen name to make the search engine to make it easier for you. Obviously it's SteelX. Thanks. :)
  18. Steel X

    The truth comes out on Michale Jackson

    Back in 1993, the boy who told details of Jackson doing strange and sick things to him, and that he even described Jackson's genitals, etc...all came out to be a lie. Jackson NEVER did anything like that to the boy. Don't believe me? Here's the article. Evan Chandler “I Lied for my father, i’m...
  19. Steel X

    Cued speech?

    How many of you are familiar with Cued Speech? It appears that most deaf people have never heard of it it appears to be rare but it is actually very popular in Europe. I was raised with Cued speech since I was a boy only because my mom wanted to find a method that helps me speak and...
  20. Steel X

    Pixar giving a nice surprise to the 10 yr old girl's last day on Earth.

    A 10 year old child who was suffering with a rare cancer condition stated her dying wish that she wanted to see one of the most acclaimed movies coming this summer called "Up" but due to her health problems and no wheelchair, she couldn't go see the movie in theatres so Pixar decided to do...