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  1. sallylou

    Thanksgiving dinner - what to serve?

    In the U.S., Thanksgiving day will be here soon. Lucky Canadians already had their day. What are you going to serve? What's your favorite dish? Got a recipe to share? Here's a darling turkey to set the mood:
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    Jean, ladies?

    My trusty Levis are frayed and tattered. Where should I shop for new blue jeans? I have low rise and boot cut now. Is that terribly dated? I don't want to be a fashion disaster-- a what-not-to-wear candidate. :hmm: I used to buy jeans from Victorias Secret but they have changes their...
  3. sallylou

    Methotrexate anyone?

    I'm going crazy! Does anyone have experience with methotrexate treatment? If you're willing to talk about it, please PM me. I'm having limited success and I'm trying to decide what to do next. :ty:
  4. sallylou

    I need attention so I'm going to create drama right here!

    I need attention so I'm starting my very own "drama post." :fruit: Actually, I have no paranoid thoughts, and I don't even have any complaints. :lol: So, who wants pie? Chocolate with whipped cream! :D
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    Help! what is your sign for starbucks?

    Help! what is your sign for starbucks? I keep getting different answers and some people just don't know (fingerspell). :hmm:
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    Calling all grammar and writing nerds!

    Calling all grammar and writing nerds! The oxford comma in the college application essay--yea or nay? :hmm:
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    Neuropathic itching suxs

    Wirelessly posted (droid) I have neuropathic itching and I'm going crazy! Always on the same part of my body. Like ants crawling on my skin, except that the sensation is deep in my skin. I have to resist scratching because it only makes it worse. AUGHHHH! Anyone else have weird neuropathic...
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    Monkeys & Apes

    Following up on a derailment on another thread (sorry! :Oops:), here's a thread for people who like monkeys and apes. Here's my favorite kind of monkey--the Golden Lion Tamarin Golden Lion Tamarins, Golden Lion Tamarin Pictures, Golden Lion Tamarin Facts - National Geographic I like...
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    Broke the 5k barrier

    Finally! Over 5,000 posts. Do I get some Rice-a-roni or something? :D
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    Women Only! Bloody Hell!

    Wirelessly posted (droid) GUYS, FEMALE REPRODUCTION TALK BELOW. Proceed at your own risk. I'm literally in bloody hell. I'm having a period that has lasted 1 full month so far. I finally figured out that a side effect of my medication is "menstual dysfunction." It would have been nice if...
  12. sallylou

    Stupid accidents

    Wirelessly posted (droid) I got stitches at the ER after an altercation with a very soapy chef's knife. I also got vicodin and antibiotics. I love when you have to explain a silly accident. So, share your silly accident and how you ended up with stitches, cast, or crutches.
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    Home made Frosty Paws Recipe

    Home made Frosty Paws 1 32 oz container plain yogurt 3 T natural peanut butter 1/2 cup banana 2 T honey Whiz all ingredients until good and liquid in blender. Pour into cups or ice cube trays. Freeze. Pop out of trays or cups, serve to dog!
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    Droid X question

    I just got my new Droid X set up. Anyone have any tips about how to access alldeaf on a droid? I can use the browser to access the mobile version of the website, right? Any other access? TIA :ty:
  15. sallylou

    Crazed Dad Embarrasses Teen Daily

    I'm obviously falling down on my job here. This guy embarrasses his teen daily by dressing up and appearing at the bus stop. :P Teen's dad spends school year waving at bus, embarrassing son | Deseret News
  16. sallylou

    Help! ALLPlayer is confusing

    I downloaded ALLPlayer, made a donation and updated to codes. I can't figure out how to use it now. Can anyone explain? I think that my settings are correct. :hmm:
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    Oticon Agil Pros

    I've got a demo pair of Agil Pros for a couple of weeks. My neighbor is an audiologist and she wants feedback. So far, I can't tell a whole lot of difference from my current HAs and the new Agil Pros, except for the volume control (nice feature to have at a loud restaurant). I can't afford a...
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    Genetic deafness: GJB2 and Cx26

    Does anyone have genetic deafness related to GJB2 and connexin 26? It's the most common mutation that causes genetic deafness. I'm having related medical issues involving ecodermal structures. In my family, medical issues primarily involve skin and eyes. The mutation may also effect other...
  19. sallylou

    Debt Settlement Ripoffs

    Avoid debt settlement businesses. Check out any business before paying a large sum of money. BBB is a good resource. Check with your state attorney general office. Even a google search can turn ups some complaints. I hate to see people get ripped off. The New Poor - Peddling Relief...
  20. sallylou

    Texans: Advocacy for Deaf/HOH

    For Texans, please note: Advocacy, Inc. - Deaf Advocacy Project