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  1. moonflower

    this is for dartmouth

    will you stop being a immature sh*t put this BS in every threads and will you shut up leave us ALONE you get banned cya not my problem that is YOURS
  2. moonflower

    i got my dog

    this is my dog a adult 2 1/2 year old Italian greyhound smallest of the greyhound family his name is Pappy ha
  3. moonflower

    my cousin died last night

    i remember posted a thread about my cousin dying unfortunately she died last night i was not feeling talkive about it all day today but i decide to do it right now anyway about the funeral planning i am not sure of that they will let me know
  4. moonflower

    bad news in my family

    i just got bad news from my mom's brother (my uncle) that my cousin is dying she had part of her spine growing in her brain and she sleeps all the time now doctor told my uncle and my aunt that there will be 50/50 chance that she will die in surgery i am praying and have lit candle for...
  5. moonflower

    a drama near my home on the highway

    about half hour ago i had drama happening near my home on the highway i went to checked on something and saw 2 cop cars and one ambulance and lot of cars stopping to see what going on but 2 more came when i was still outside it was much of drama tonight i felt it was some kind of...
  6. moonflower

    made to 1,OOO posts

    i made it to 1,000 now i am postwhore lol
  7. moonflower

    my birthday is on thursday

    hey GUYS my birthday is on thursday i will be 34 dang i will tell what i did on my birthday
  8. moonflower

    have you all get a pm from strange men??

    i got a PM when i got in AD from a strange man it was sent yesterday calling me honey sheesh i hate when strange men who don't use posts calling me honey ugh
  9. moonflower

    500 posts

    wow i have reach 500 since i have joined last july of 2005 whoo woo :applause:
  10. moonflower

    help i wouldn't get my tickerfactory in my post

    help i couldn't get my tickerfactory in my post :dunno: if you all have answer or help me ty for your help :applause:
  11. moonflower

    try to find any avatars

    i am trying to find holiday avatars halloween christmas for me i had hard time to find right one not face avatar just toons and pictures thanks for your help i hope you all help me :fingersx: