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  1. PurpleRain

    CODA Movie in Apple TV

    Oh mine will be cable on station STZEBH.
  2. PurpleRain

    CODA Movie in Apple TV

    Thanks Calvin!
  3. PurpleRain

    Finally found my old screen here

    FYI It's aka Sunshine1 :dance2:
  4. PurpleRain

    AllDeaf Memorial

    wow:(they'll be missed.
  5. PurpleRain

    AllDeaf Memorial

    wow:mad: they'll be missed.
  6. PurpleRain

    Some old members missing here

    Does anyone seen Farewell65????
  7. PurpleRain

    Hearing vocal cord vibration in my head?

    Try to use burned sage and go around your head to get bad energy out of your head.. Hope that will help!
  8. PurpleRain

    Let’s make a friend.

    BlackHawk ........ Are u from Chicago?
  9. PurpleRain

    Old account..

    I'm not a new member. I joined here years ago. Couldn't remmy my old screen name. Perhaps you can help . I'm CM Punk's Godmother/Auntie. Does that ring the bell?
  10. PurpleRain

    Sorry I hit one reply too many,.

    Sorry I hit one reply too many,.
  11. PurpleRain

    Old account..

    Hello, I've senior moment. I was under other screen name and I couldn't remmy the name so for now I"m PurpleRain.