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    Getting spam in messaging

    I don't know who moderates this board, but someone needs to. I keep getting messages from "new members" personally solicitiing me for a relationship and marriage. I'm a grandmother in this forum learning sign language with my grandson. I find this kind of intrustion very inappropriate. If...
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    What do you do for living?

    That's so fun!
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    What do you do for living?

    I am hearing and actually provide closed captioning on everything that comes across our project list. Anything from webinars to meetings, to lectures, to programs and movies. I am also working on getting certified for professional genealogy and learning ASL to provide services in the deaf...
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    Left handers

    Okay, thank you. I'll just start letting him learn and see how it goes.
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    Left handers

    My grandson is going to turn 3 in July. The only signs he knows is more, because we were actually watching a very popular speech show on YouTube, a very spunky lady with a orange puppet and it's labeled as preschool speech learning. A few months ago we watched it and I realized it wasn't just...
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    Left handers

    My grandson is left handed, and it just occurred to me it might be a challenge teaching him, or maybe it might be easier, since he'll mirror me as he is facing me. But my question is, how hard is it to understand sign language from someone who's dominant hand is the left one? Or is it not an issue?
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    Would like a group practice and meet friends

    HI there. I've been doing basic signs off and on my whole life since 1988 in high school, but really need to actually learn ASL. I caption videos for the deaf and hearing impaired. Looking for an experienced ASL user who wants to practice once a week and make a new friend! :)
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    Hello, I'm new.

    Good Day, I'm Gwyn and I am finally getting around to learning more than basic signing I started back in high school in 1988, but have been wanting to make this regular practice. I am not having luck finding a practice group under that forum thread. Anyone have any regular Zoom meetings or FB...
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    Hi Alex, I don't know what DM is, so could you please help me get into the Tuesday Zoom meetings?

    Hi Alex, I don't know what DM is, so could you please help me get into the Tuesday Zoom meetings?