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    18 Deaf passaengers kicked out from plane over security concern

    the Air carrier act Home | U.S. Department of Transportation apply to airlines and passengers and airport and terminals. For some reasons, those are not covered in the ADA. something I learned when I was at Dulles......
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    Troy Davis put to death

    Jiro, I worked at DOJ. The president is the head of everything. he is the civil servants' top boss. There are two different DA in each city and state. For example the US Attorney is DOJ. The state AG is the state's lawyer. Would you write Panetta is the commander-in-chief?? can't believe you...
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    What jobs in the military would be perfect for the deaf?

    There are deaf people working as civil servant at NSA, CIA, DIA, FBI, etc. You can meet them at the NTC/DHHIG conference biannually. And beach girl, never write "my guess". Network, network and network....
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    Troy Davis put to death

    Troy killed a cop. And Obama as the chief law enforcement officer, cannot opposed Troy's executive....
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    why so many deaf single men?

    this came up at Deafexpo recently. For example, more deaf men are gay; more deaf females are educated and the number of straight men with the same level of education don't match; more men are afraid of commitments; deaf women looking for weak men who cannot argued back; too many deaf exes; etc....
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    Peet Hall or Benson Hall?

    in 1987, I was at Benson Hall. then Cogswell Hall. When I graduated in 1991, at Dorm 5 (Carlin Hall).
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    Wells Fargo Discrimination!!

    more insurance companies agents emailed now. ask for the agent's email. use the local office email. put your vp number and let them figure out. Most young workers are technological oriented.
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    Should I fight for an interpreter?

    Many deaf kids who are mainstreamed often get together on the weekends to socialized. One of the major reasons that deaf students in the deaf school experience problems with academic skills development is because they don't have the access they need to develop those academic skills. To some...
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    Preparing 8and worrying) for kindergarten...

    Are you an American living in Italy? see An American Mom in Tuscany: Jordan's Cochlear Implant Story Also DODDS schools allowed non-government American parents to enroll.
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    New Bank Fees???

    Bank of America stated 25 dollars or above in checking account. Saving account must have 300 or above.
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    Everything about iPhone

    AlleyCat, did you upgrade? Or switched? from another plan?
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    Childs IEP No Terp for me

    Deb1hd, keep fighting. IN my county, I just ask for the interpreter. And I go behind the doors by asking the terps I know who worked as sign language interpreters if they were contacted by the special education department. Just identify yourself as a deaf parent. That is how I deal when...
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    South Carolina House passes illegal immigration bill

    umm, half of the posters who supported the illegal immigrants and themselves white privileges themselves. Limo liberals a usual who don't practice what they ignoring the laws in Mexico where speaking and writing Spanish is the law...
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    My IEP's rights

    Reba, yes. Some school districts use social promotion to get rid of students with disabilities so they won't get count under the test scores annually. When I was at Gallaudet, there were so many 17 years old and many had to go to the NWC Prep school for remedial.
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    Ariz. seeks online donations to build border fence

    Why do hearing people have no difficulty speaking when ordering foods in solidarity????
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    Navy SEALs families in danger from leaks?

    they wore a mixture of ragtag clothes, some from the good old USSR/Soviet Union. A mixture of anything they can find.
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    Navy SEALs families in danger from leaks?

    the assassination EO allowed killing against a head of state wearing a military uniform. Bin landen was the leader of Al Qaeda. Something wrong with killing him??? War with them started on 9/11/01.
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    Ariz. seeks online donations to build border fence

    yes, a menist thing. Girls at high schools are now asking what is the gender balance so they can go to places where they can date boys. Many feminists are silent on this issue. See Time and the Chronicle of Higher Education. You're a man, are you? Stand up for your kind.
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    Ariz. seeks online donations to build border fence

    uh, yes they make up all of Verizon's digging crew but I have not see a white or black faces. They worked at most fast food places where they cannot read my order in English. They make up like 50% of all agricultural workers, roofers, construction crew, etc. Our parents have high expectation for...
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    My Wife's SSD Cut Off

    Sorry about your wife. Hope she is all ok. Does she have direct deposit? maybe move to a different bank otherwise the ex-husband can found out. BTW, to Lighthouse "Some states require that." SSI and SSDI are federal programs, not state. Thus the federal senator's office can help with...