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  1. Helpful Hubbie Al

    Learning Speech Reading (Lipreading) at Age 65

    Couldn't find the perfect subforum for this ... My wife has moderately severe hearing loss that is imperfectly corrected with hearing aids. It's getting worse. She's going to start learning to lipread. Can anyone give me a feeling for how that's likely to go? That is: Do you think this is a...
  2. Helpful Hubbie Al

    Recommended YouTube Videos

    I'm writing a book in which a main character is profoundly deaf. I want to portray deaf culture well and accurately. Can you recommend some YouTube videos that will help me? Like this one: Thanks!
  3. Helpful Hubbie Al

    Will Need Help Writing a Deaf Character

    Hi, I'm a writer, and I plan to have a deaf character in my next book. I'm hoping I can get some advice from you guys concerning the deaf community, her interactions with others, etc. My current concept for this character: She's a thirty-eight year old twin,of the main character. The MC is a...
  4. Helpful Hubbie Al

    Headset to Headphones in the Car

    Is this a crazy idea? My wife is HOH and I am not. One place it's hard to communicate is in our car. What if I, driving the car, had a headset microphone and she wore headphones. My speech would be fed directly into her headphones. I've seen motorcyclists use this kind of thing. Anyone here...
  5. Helpful Hubbie Al

    Looking for the Best Hearing Aid

    Hi, Thanks for this resource! My wife is hard of hearing, and I am not. She has had a ReSound F861-DRW behind-the-ear hearing aids for four years. She got them at CostCo. They were a big improvement over the in-the-ear models she had before that, but we're looking for something better. We...