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    Hi everyone, Who play with Kitesurf?

    Hi everyone, I am curious, who play with Kitesurf? Because, i heard about two deaf guys to play with Kitesurf. But, i want to get more know, who?? I am happy, you all let me know. I do play with my Kitesurf and go to Long Beach often. thanks! :ty:
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    Closing Stores Nationwide, how sad!!!

    FYI, look at website Deaf Newspaper, LLC
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    Hello Moderator

    I am disappoint, you guys haven't let ADers know, where is my thread?? i lost my motivation here. Thank a lot!!!!!
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    Hi everyone, I want tell something about muslim..

    now i will explain you about muslim. whatever, Do i like muslim or not? Am i support muslim or not?... Muslim is not my religious, but I do care about christian. I noticed, muslim raised more more more than christian, so i don't like, what my german lady friend told me about her story "change...
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    Which do you use Kitchen scale or cup measure?

    I do often baking a cake in germany. I love baking :) anyway, i moved in america. I brought my receipt from germany, too. I thought, i can figure out the math for "cup and gramm" on Internet and i believe it is easy.. Oooh noooo *grrr* I always complain with cup measure, because I want EXACT...
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    Meteor blazes across sky over Edmonton, Canada!!!

    Yahoo! I feel like, it will almost hit on the earth. I pray and hope not happening.
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    "yearbook picture" is sooo funny!!!

    please make yourself to find website " if you are on this website and put your pic, then you will see down "many years" 1950,...1960...1963... etc. (click) it will change pics :) Have fun!!!! it is me. LOL
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    Where do you put the empty glasses Bottle?

    I do want the collect in your opinion. Where do you put the empty glasses Bottle? In germany do have any the container for glasses near on their home. we all do separate colors of glasses bottle. (brown, white, green glasses) There do have the same colors of container (brown, white...
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    Journey To The Center Of The earth

    I want go to movie, sooner. I do like watch it, because it look like "the golden compass" I feel, this movie "the golden compass" would be next part of 2. look under website "Journey to the center of the earth" Official Journey to the Center of the Earth New Movie Trailers: Brendan Fraser...
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    I work for my quilt :)

    I work for my quilt (pillow and blanket) it is much fun for me. I do love a different color, so look like style "hippie". ;) I am taking with my quilt for almost 10 yrs. It is good idea gift for my friends or family...
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    Oh la la la.... please come here, Lililover72

    :hug: Happy Birthday to you. I hope you enjoy your Party :cheers:
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    new movie "the happening" Mark Wahlberg (April 2008)

    when I saw this short movie "the happening", very interesting!!! I would go to the cinema............I believe that.
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    Hey, Do anybody have seen the movie about "jumper"

    Jumper sound cool!!! I wanna go to the cinema with CC on this weekend. I am biiiiiig curious about it.
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    Who do have Blackberry 8830???

    I do have Blackberry 8830. true I like it, but I dont know. Maybe, other Blackberry is better than mine? can be!!!! I want collect your opinion. thanks!
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    Deaf Lesbian Festival in S.F.

    Hello everyone :wave: who has interested in Deaf Lesbian Festival? from 25th until 29th June 2008 My Friend JAC will be happy, If ya all come to SF and meet up at Deaf Lesbian Festival.
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    deafs ppl "WFD" in Madrid support "Alright, Signing!!!!"

    Blog de mainsparis -
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    Do ya´ll know about "tomato fighting" in Spain?? :)

    I saw it, really cool!!! I think, it will be funny and full crazy.. I wish I could come there LOL Pilot Festivals in Spain: Tomato Fighting in Buñol
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    Do you all know about Deaf Lottery Association?

    ya´all. I do want tell you about my story. who are "deafagent06" on AIM. that is Walter Morgan and from FLA. (maybe fake´s name) Surprised me, when he did catching me on AIM and say Hello to me. Walter said, you are winner $150,000. he is work for Deaf Lottery Association I was laughing...
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    This one I like :)

    have fun to watch movie "Abdola T" -
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    Reims in France Festival Clin d´Oeil 27.-28 July 07

    WebSourd : Festival Clin d'Oeil 07 If you do want more watch it, take it "categories" Have fun to watch :)