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    Hearing dog?

    As many of you may already know I lost my hearing dog Chanter the other day...:( My mum and dad said I could get another dog and my friend would train it up for me (the way Chanter was trained).... Can anyone help me with ideas on what kind of dog is best as a hearing dog??
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    Little Corner (Happy Space)

    This is continuing from 'So you don't even belong here.... Da da da' Since it seems that everyone has left the corner that we started in that thread I decided I'd start a new one....well it's more a happy space than a corner for I don't know if anyone will join me.... Place for anyone who...
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    New love of my life

    I just wanted to share with you guys a picture of my hearing dog Chanter.... Ain't he cute....
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    What do you see? (A deaf poem)

    Look at me What do you see A human being same as you or me But I am different don't you know You can't see the secret that I rarely show I will not speak, I cannot hear And if you know that that you never go near But I have feelings, I am So now tell me what do you see
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    Can anyone help me.... I'm doing a presentation with my best friends on deaf awareness... Can anyone give me some ideas on what I should include.... Thankyou....:ty:
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    Hey guys.... Me and my best friends are doing a presentation on deaf awareness and learning people how to sign..... Can anybody give me some information on deaf awareness or any sites to help me howe to teach sign to others.... Thanks :ty: Milli..x
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    Hey I'm Milli....:wave: I'm new to this forum.... I'm from Dublin and I'm profoundly deaf with no speech.... Though I learned how to read and write as well as being able to sign so I communicate ok.... I may be a bit shy at first but do chat 2 me and I'll try to chat back.... Milli