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    What kind of mobile phones do deaf people need?

    I'm deaf in my left ear and slightly in my right (I can hear a bit with a hearing aid). I started off describing myself as HoH, but people sometimes took that as "I need to shout." Then I used Deaf, but someone once told me that I'm not since I can still hear to some degree, so now I just use...
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    ASL pratice center

    Hello, I would like to practice my ASL. I can hold conversations, however, it takes me a minute to understand with a fast signer. My email is Hope to hear from you soon!
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    New to the group

    Same, though my right ear fluctuates sometimes. Nice to meet you. Are you fluent in ASL?
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    Thank you so much for responding! I'll definitely do some research on auditory processing disorder. I started taking ASL classes in 2018 at community college, and currently I am learning from Dr. Bill Vicar on youtube. As for lipreading, I've become really good at it over the years which is...
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    Hey guys! So to give a bit of background: When I was an 14 years old I had an ear infection, so I went to an ear specialist that syringed my ear. They actually got bacteria out of my ear and gave me some drops to help (can't remember what it was exactly). My ears were good for a bit, but then I...
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    Looking for fluent signers to practice with.

    Hello! I'm seeking for other Deaf/HoH people to practice ASL. Since I'm a new Deaf and the only one in my family, I figured it's about time to get into the Deaf Community and meet new people who can also help me improve. Any age group is fine, but it'll be nice to meet people around my age...