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  1. mbrek

    Confession Time 2!

    Time to start a new round! They do say it's good for the soul... ;)
  2. mbrek

    Last Holiday Prize Challenge 2011

    Time for the last bit of holiday fun. Are you ready ADers? This one might be a bit tricky… If you like "Spot the Photo Differences" games - we've got some just for you! The best part is, after finding the differences in the photos, you will also get a clue that will take you on an AD scavenger...
  3. mbrek

    Funny pet stories!

    After reading some funny cat stories in General Chat, I thought we needed a new thread devoted to our funny companions and their antics. My first husband and I got ourselves an orange kitten. Like many cats, he was fascinated with watching water. When my then husband came home from his dirty...
  4. mbrek

    ***Haiku Contest Winners!!!***

    Thanks for all who entered the first AD Haiku Contest. There were many clever entries, and they were fun to read. The final winner is... well... we have two! It was a tie between Banjo and Cheetah! Congratulations! Your winning entries earned you both a brand new car (ha ha, if you...
  5. mbrek

    Help with Potluck decision

    I'm going to a potluck lunch in two days. I signed up to bring an entree - but have NO CLUE what to bring. The group is mostly older women. Any ideas? :ty:
  6. mbrek

    For the cat lovers!

    50 Cats in Santa Hats I think #47 is saying "you posted this WHERE?!?!?!"
  7. mbrek

    Thread ignore?

    Granted, I know nothing about running a forum. But is there a way in which you could 'ignore' a thread like you can 'ignore' certain members? I sure know I have some threads I would just as soon make invisible...
  8. mbrek

    Strangest place you've posted!

    Want to know the strangest place you've been while posting or checking posts on AD or FB. I've checked on my iPod touch while I'm in bed. Sigh. Yes, that's the strangest I've got. :aw: How about you?
  9. mbrek

    ▀▄▀▄▀▄ > Haiku Contest CLOSED: Vote now < ▀▄▀▄▀▄

    No limit on voting. ADers, your vote decides the winner! Cast your vote with a "like"!
  10. mbrek

    Do you feel that? - 2011 AllDeaf Winter Contest discussion and chat

    By the pricking of my thumbs... something exciting this way comes. Puzzled, ADers? :confused: Are you game for some crazy AllDeaf fun? :dance2: And if the fun wasn't enough, what would you say to winning prizes on top of that? :applause: Would you like to know what the heck I'm...
  11. mbrek

    Thanksgiving Horror Stories!

    Come on, fess up time! Did you cook the turkey with the giblets bag still inside? Did you invite the whole family and not have a clue about what you were getting into? I want to hear about it!
  12. mbrek

    Need some help!

    I said something to someone dear to me. It was said online, and I meant it in a light-hearted way. Of course, when you make statements online you cannot see faces. My comment hurt this person in a way I would NEVER have intended. EVER. What came out of my mind was not how it was perceived...
  13. mbrek

    What does this mean in my PM folder?

    "You have 0 confirmed and 1 unconfirmed private message receipts." What's an unconfirmed PM?
  14. mbrek

    Holiday Prize Giveaway!

    As it's nearing Thanksgiving (US) and the holidays, I want to show my gratitude for all my new friends here on AD. So to do that, I thought I'd have a fun little give-away! Between times cruising this forum, I like to make jewelry and lampwork beads (hand-crafted beads by melting glass). I've...
  15. mbrek

    Blog how to...

    I started a draft blog, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to actually post it for real. Unless I did and just don't know it? My mini statistics show zero blog entries.
  16. mbrek

    HoH morning ears

    I have another strange question, but then again - why stop now? I have a harder time hearing in the morning. I call it "morning ears". I have to remind my husband that I have morning ears so he will repeat something he's said. It's like the sound doesn't quite make it into my brain. Am I...
  17. mbrek

    Deaf or HoH?

    What is the point where you decide you are not just hard of hearing, but deaf?
  18. mbrek

    What good thing happened to you today?

    Life isn't always pleasant, but somewhere in your day something good happened. It's time to celebrate those little things. Did the vending machine drop two Snickers instead of one? Did someone tell you how nice you looked today? Share it here and give yourself a high-five.
  19. mbrek

    HA Batteries, size 10

    Wallgreens brand, brand new zinc air package of 12. I'm having problems with these in my HA, but if they work for you all I'm asking for is packaging and postage fees of $5. PM me if you're interested.
  20. mbrek

    VIP Member?

    How does one become a VIP Member? I haven't seen any info posted on it.