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  1. sophiass091

    Do you still watch TV?

    So I sometimes watch TV with my family to take a break from studying. It's so hard to study and work and that's why I almost never have free time! (Then I turn to for help). Most often we watch some TV programs or movies at 8 pm because this...
  2. sophiass091

    What mobile games are your playing during CoViD-19 Lockdown?

    I often play games in my free time. It relaxes and calms me after a hard day. I rarely use my phone for gaming because playing on a PC is much more fun. Here are some of my favorites: - Red Dead Redemption 2 - Half-Life - GTA 5 - Gold Sprinter - The Treasure of Montezuma. What games do you like...
  3. sophiass091

    The cutest smile ever

    My dog has a petty bad underbite too
  4. sophiass091

    Finally bought a farm

  5. sophiass091

    What do you do for living?

    I'm a teacher and signer
  6. sophiass091

    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    Thinking about the last three days I spent with my youngest daughter
  7. sophiass091

    Books on Deaf Culture as mentioned by AllDeaf users

    Excellent read, and from a 2 generation perspective
  8. sophiass091

    New here...

    Hello and welcome!
  9. sophiass091

    New to the Deaf world

    Hello I'm Sophie and I'm new too