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    i'm confused Sorry if this sound rude or anything but I am confused. If your so upset about being deaf then THIS i dont understand, why do u have screen name DEAFNESS88. If u dont like being deaf, then dont use DEAFNESS as your name. I have serveal names before that I use as deaf name in it...
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    Does Anyone have plans for the Fourth of July Weekend ?

    See FireWorks? With Dan and my daughter Leila. I dont know if she'll see the fireworks, she sleeps before the daylight ends. So, i :dunno:
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    I do think you need to go to counsling but posting here are good start (like said above) and I am not trying to be rude or anything. YOU DO NEED HELP! You do not accept your deafness (hoh, whatever. lolz) and need to learn to accept it. Your just getting attentions and after that, it'll be...
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    the part about girlfriend....sorry I agree. My husband is hearing and knows sign language. He is still learning today but he married me because I love who I am. My daughter are hearing too and she is also learning sign language. There are some boyfriends that I had with before are REAL ass and I...
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    :wave: Hello!! Alrighty, Looky here.... :applause: Thats where your wrong. They can help themselves. People with no arms, they do thing themself and figure a way to live another day with not having any helps. Even with people who have no legs, they do things themselves. They do play and...
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    Cough! Cough! Cough! More pollution on the way?

    Bush...? I always hated Bush since the day he became president. He even cheated the POLLS. As for pollution that had came... it was long time. It was people's uncaring to the world. They dont give a crap and just litter it everywhere... even in ur hometown, local... ur neigborhood... even...
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    Who lives in...

    Maine? I would like to meet some deaf people here who does live in Maine when I moved up to be with my baby's father. Please let me know and I hope we can take it from there. For people who does not live in Maine, please dont reply. Thank you.
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    Which school???

    I am in a school currently from the TV Comm which I rather not to say what school. As for Wild, u can have day care in ur house.. I wasn't sure if u knew that. In near future, I might take same course as u do. :) Right now, its my daughter's time who need my attention all the time. Hope u do...
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    AD Newsletter

    I would like to suggest, sent maybe 1 time a week, plus to people who sign up to NEWSLETTER. Or u can do this way, u put once a month, once a week, everyday or never to those people who signed up for. Just a thought... suggestion..what u think?
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    pro... its 16 not 17. As for BBNT... u counted the cussy words? HaHa!
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    How do u feel ..

    Never really happen to me but I had experience listening to the stories. Sorry that it had happen to u. :( But remember, theres alot of fishes in the sea... guys are full of crap. Only 5 percent are the good ones. Just relax ur searching and have fun with life. The right one would come along. :)
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    September 11, 2001

    I was at high school mainsteam (same skool as AllisonJoy/Hea but I was in different building. There was 2 buildings but 1 same school. 1 was academic where AllisonJoy/Hea was and the building I was in was vocational. All I can remember my teacher IMMEDATELY turn on the tv after a phone call. My...
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    Oktoberfest- ADers gathering

    Yeah Right! Theres no way I'll be going. For 1, money. For 2, Leila, my daughter. For 3, no freaking car to drive...yeah, I'm not license to drive. As for distance to drive if I have all money and car to drive... I'll be driving like 10 hours from RI to ON. Yah Freaking Right! I think not...
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    4 birthdays today!!!!

    happy b-day all 4
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    Issue with your age...

    dont u want to stay look younger, sable?
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    Umm.. how much is those?
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    why am i eating fudge bar two times a day for a week now?

    :rofl: @ chel. Thats funny. How can everyone here be a daddy when theres a child alone. HaHa!
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    Issue with your age...

    Niceeeeeeeeeee!!! I'll post pictures the one I want. As for prostock, I am not bringing issues here so drop it.
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    Bladder infections

    If u dont go to doc soon... they could do something with operation. Better to know whats wrong before it goes worst. Like everyone said health insurance ????? It'll be good to get one if u cant get one from work or whatever.... then I'll suggest u to go to State Health Insurance...
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    ShEiLdTaLiSmAn (20)

    haha.... thanks Silencegold. :)