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    Anyone made vegan recipe with non-vegan ingredients?

    Has anyone made a non-vegan version of what started out as a vegan recipe? For example cow's milk instead of vegan milk called for? I am not vegan but sometimes run across a recipe that looks good but have no desire to get the vegan version of something just for that one recipe.
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    Old way to cope with allergy

    It occurred to me this morning some of us old timers may still have an old fashioned way of coping with allergy drainage! Do you still have some handkies, also known as handkerchiefs, around? If you run out of tissues, dig the hankies out and use them as being cloth they can be washed and reused.
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    Hair & nails anyone?

    I have "The Talk" on on TV and they got to comparing how they are doing without their hair and makeup artists and how grateful they are for those peoples skills. Any comment about salons being closed anyone?
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    Live Transcribe used for virtual church service

    I have been using Live Transcribe for what my Pastor and anyone else using a mic says during church services for some time. Something said by someone out in the congregation without a mic is not distinct enough for it to be picked up though. But yesterday I got to try something new! During...
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    A new thing to grin about from TV captioning

    Watching local and news and one of the things that came up in the captioning was "wash hands with hope and water". It was quickly corrected to "soap and water". But it did give me a grin and I wanted to share it.
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    Problems creating Firefox Account

    An archived Mozilla question — — deals with my problem but can't create a new question without a Firefox Account and my problem is not being able to create a Firefox Account! Anyone know a way around this? I have been trying to get this...
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    Suggestions for best mic for Live Transcribe

    I have been using Live Transcribe from soon after it came out. I do like it and use it fairly regularly. It is great for my Pastor's voice (he uses a mic connected to thee regular sound system) but it does not want to pickup things said by members of the congregation (they do not have a mic)...
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    Is Halloween celebrated where you are? How?

    I come from a small town in Southern Illinois where it has been celebrated the last weekend in October NOT always on the 31st depending on when the 31st falls.It has changed somewhat over the years since the 1920's. For many years Trick or Treating has been on Friday, a kids parade on Saturday...
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    Saw "Boxing for Parkinsons" story on TV

    I saw part of a story on Channel 5 out of St. Louis early this morning but was in the midst of getting ready so did not get all the details. It is the first time I have seen it on TV here. It got me to wondering if Reba is still able to do it. She seemed to find it soooo helpful earlier.
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    Did any of you use captions on the CBS Special Report in the morning on 03-25-19?

    I had to laugh when the captions said Obstetrics & Gynecology where they intended obstruction of justice. It was very quickly changed but I, at least, got a good laugh before they did.
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    Remember hearing aids in eye glass temples?

    For some reason I thought of these when seeing a TV ad about hearing aids that are almost invisible. I think they were around in the 1970's but am not sure when they came out and when they disappeared. Anyway I assume they disappeared as I have not seen anything about them for many years. My...
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    Thought some might enjoy this article about a new "molar mike"

    After seeing this "Incoming wireless signals beam directly into the mouth and are converted by the chip into mechanical energy, which imperceptibly vibrates the tooth and travels up through the jawbone –- essentially bypassing the ears — directly into the brain’s auditory nerves" as part of an...
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    Traded - One Problem for Another?

    I have just read another story about a youngster left in the back seat of a car. It seems like I am reading about this much more often than I ever did about what happened to kids riding in the front seat. Have we traded one problem for another with much more danger now? I am old enough that...
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    Ms. or Mrs follwed by first name still feels weird to me

    Just saw someone use it on TV and I am wondering about others reacting like I do. It still feels weird to me. If a title like Ms. or Mrs. is used I expect it to be with the last name. I do get the impression that the use with the first name has come out of the far south. Any of you want to...
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    People or $ for movies?

    Just saw another TV report about how much different movies earned over the weekend. It got me to wondering once again if the number of people going was ever compared for different movies over the years rather that $ amount of ticket sales. Ticket prices have generally gone up over the years so...
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    How about another kind of duck?

    Thought some might get a kick out of this that showed up on Channel 4's site from St. Louis, MO.
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    Opening a docx file that was created in google docs

    We have a new pastor and he has sent me an article for our church newsletter that he created using Google Docs but saved as a docx file. I cannot get WordPerfect Office X4 to open it even though I can open docx files that others have used Microsoft Word to create. Any ideas? Below is a box I...
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    Anyone else also haveing trouble with internal server error

    I have been getting a big box with the message Internal Server Error as I have tried to post a reply to the Patience of a Saint thread. That has been going on since this morning. I have rebooted etc. in between tries. Anyone else? Did you find a workaround? Opps can't edit title and I...
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    Thoughts when posting to a revived thread

    When adding a currant post to a revived old thread how about paying attention to the date the particular post you are responding to was posted? It is at the bottom of the post you read and decided to reply to. I bring this up because yesterday I ran across a post that was in response to a post...
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    Changing computers old win xp pro 32 bit new windows 7 64 bit

    I got a new computer and am talking about getting the software etc. that is on the old on onto the new one. I am adding this because so many that have responded talk about upgrading not moving from one computer to another! As the title says my old computer runs an updated version of WIN XP PRO...