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  1. Reba

    New series by and about Deaf people

    This Close is a comic web series about two deaf best friends living in Los Angeles. Created, written by and starring Shoshannah Stern and Josh Feldman Premiers on Wednesday, Feb. 14 on Sundance Now.
  2. Reba

    First Deaf Woman Mayor in USA

    In northern California, the brand-new mayor is 31-year-old Amanda Folendorf. She is not jut the youngest mayor the city has ever had--she is the first deaf female mayor in the United States.
  3. Reba

    Star Wars Science

    Science and Star Wars explores how real robotic limbs are helping people here on Earth. Very cool! Has captions.
  4. Reba

    Argentina submarine missing with 44 onboard

    This is not good. :( BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - An Argentine submarine with 44 crew on board was missing in the South Atlantic two days after its last communication, prompting the navy to step up its search efforts late on Friday in difficult, stormy conditions...
  5. Reba

    Scary movie uses sign language for survival....

    It's called The Quiet Place. The trailer to this movie is frightening! :eek::eek2::eek3:
  6. Reba

    The victims :(

    The victims of the Texas church shooting:
  7. Reba

    Toddler left in corn maze!

    Mother questioned by child welfare officials after 3-year-old boy was left at West Jordan corn maze The mother of a 3-year-old boy left behind in a corn maze apparently has some explaining to do to state child protective services officials. West Jordan police Sgt. Joe Monson said that the...
  8. Reba

    Gun ownership question

    Question from another thread: Jane B. said: ↑ Since a quite a number of the AD members that own guns have been in this thread I think it is a good place to ask about something I have been thinking about and have it seen by many of them. I am one of the older members here and did not grow up...
  9. Reba

    Why are new members allowed to . . .

    . . . send private messages (conversations) to other members without first posting even an introduction in a public thread? These spam conversations are annoying and sometimes creepy.
  10. Reba

    Usher is hero in tennessee church shooting

    "Everyone's calling Robert Engle a hero -- except for Robert Engle. Were it not for him, say police and witnesses, a gun-toting man's rampage in a Tennessee church would have been deadlier."
  11. Reba

    It happened again--deaf man shot by police

    . . . "The man, Magdiel Sanchez, 35, was Tasered and shot dead on a porch Tuesday night after officers saw him holding up a metal pipe. Oklahoma City police Capt. Bo Mathews told reporters Wednesday that the officers had ordered him to put down the pipe. When Sanchez didn't do so, they opened...
  12. Reba

    What has happened to all the ad members? :(

    Where did everyone go?
  13. Reba

    Why so many new members seeking "caring relationships"?

    It's very weird. So many new members with similar posts and multiple threads all of a sudden. Some with changing avatars. What's going on? What has happened to AD? :(
  14. Reba

    Farewell to marine dog with cancer

    The tears are flowing in this story. :cry:
  15. Reba

    Did you use an interpreter to take your driver's test?

    The part I'm asking about specifically is the written test. Did you, or anyone you know, use an interpreter for the questions on the written or computer kiosk test? What got me thinking about this was:
  16. Reba

    7 sailors missing from us navy warship involved in collision

    This is bad. :( Seven U.S. sailors are missing from the USS Fitzgerald after the ship collided with a Philippine-flagged merchant vessel ACX Crystal while operating off the coast of Japan, Fox News confirmed. The Fitzgerald's Commanding Officer is among the four sailors who were injured and...
  17. Reba

    Apartment inferno burns in london

    Two hundred firefighters and 40 fire engines are battling a large fire on a west London estate. At least two people have been injured and flats at the 27-storey Grenfell Tower are being evacuated. Footage on social media showed the building engulfed in fire, with flames stretching over a...
  18. Reba

    "my deaf son fought speech. sign language let him bloom."

    By ELIZABETH ENGELMAN New York Times News Service Jun 12, 2017 I watched my toddler wade into the Gulf and launch a fistful of pebbles in flight. They glistened, tiny sparks of light, before I realized he was up to his chin in cold water. And I realized that if I called his name, if I...
  19. Reba

    How to get enough protein?

    I have a dilemma--I'm not getting enough protein in my diet. Here's the problem: The main medication I take for my Parkinson's Disease is Sinemet. Sinemet's effectiveness is blocked by eating protein. I can't have any protein within one-hour of taking Sinemet. I can't take Sinemet within two...
  20. Reba

    Cat visits his dream girl almost every day

    Cute story and pictures. :) Meet Sophia and Scottie: