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  1. DeafDucky

    TTY and macs

    Is it possible turn my macbook pro laptop into a TTY? Or my Windows desktop (if I ever hook it back up and figure out if the HDD is really dying or if it's salvageable). Just wondering as I want to call a specific office but don't want to do voice or through VRS for security reasons; they...
  2. DeafDucky

    Reboot Router to disrupt Russian malware

    Good advice. I'll be doing it later today. Even if you think you aren't affected- can't hurt to do this anyway.
  3. DeafDucky

    Banned indicator?

    On the old forum software, we could always tell if a member was banned or not. On the new forum software we aren't able to tell if a member is banned other than trying to go view their profile. That doesn't work for when a member hides their profile or has people on ignore. So...could we have...
  4. DeafDucky

    Testing Edit Times

    Move along nothing to see here. Plan to edit this post 1. Immediately after I post here we edit! :hmm: no tag 12:35 am 2. 5 minutes after I post. WELL missed this one... 3. 15 minutes and this one 4. 30 minutes - oops 5 60 minutes- boy I get distracted easily... 6. 12 hours+ later (if I...
  5. DeafDucky

    Pokemon Name Signs And Pokemon Go!

    A video that was created in partnership with Veditz (explanation at end of video what Veditz is - I believe there was a thread here previously). Anyway-- short video in ASL along with voice interpreted and captions, showing some created name signs for some Pokemon characters. If you are on...
  6. DeafDucky

    Gordie Howe, "mr Hockey" Dead At 88 a bit better story- (video is not captioned) An amazing...
  7. DeafDucky

    Everybody Loves Raymond Star Doris Roberts Dies At Age 90 In her most well known role , Doris Roberts was the mother of Ray Barone in the TV sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond.
  8. DeafDucky

    Actor James Noble Also Died...

    He's most well known for playing the Governor on the TV show Benson
  9. DeafDucky

    Vision loss and reading credit card #s?

    For anyone with vision issues (blind, low vision, vision-impaired etc...) have a question. When you need to get your credit card number for say purchasing something online, how can one read or see the numbers on the card easily enough? As you know my vision sucks. I have a credit card where...
  10. DeafDucky

    Passing of Dr Allen Sussman

    For those of you who may know him, he passed away on January 8, 2016. I only have the below photo, so if it's cut off at the bottom sorry about that as it came to me in email. Full link and image here:
  11. DeafDucky

    Legendary singer David Bowie dies at 69

    A man who has influenced music for decades and many singers through the years... he just had his birthday and released a new album on his birthday... David Bowie passed away due to battling lung cancer- an 18 month battle...
  12. DeafDucky

    VRS, WiFi and new modem

    Figured I'd try asking here as well... We switched to a new cable modem not too long ago (not by choice- TWC made us) from an Arris modem with no wifi (Used an older Linksys router) to a UBee modem with wifi (through TWC- thought we'd try that...). Now, I thought I had used VRS (ZVRS)...
  13. DeafDucky

    Actor Wayne Rogers dies at 82

    Best know for his role as Trapper John in the TV series M*A*S*H... I liked him (and later Mike Farrell as BJ) more than I liked Alan Alda... May he rest in peace.
  14. DeafDucky

    Scott Weiland, Stone Temple Pilots frontman dead at 48 Scott Weiland, the grunge rocker best known as the frontman for Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver, has died. He was 48. Weiland died in his sleep Thursday in Bloomington...
  15. DeafDucky

    Robert Loggia, actor dead at 85 He once acted with Tom Hanks in Big- the dancing scene on the floor piano...many many other roles including in Scarface.
  16. DeafDucky

    Woman sues nephew after "exuberant hug" Like my friend said on FB-- "I have no words". My nephew used to hug quite enthusiastically but I wouldn't sue the kid. Article doesn't say if the child may have special needs or not...
  17. DeafDucky

    Author & Neurologist Oliver Sacks dies at 82 He was the author of Seeing Voices: A Journey into the World of the Deaf
  18. DeafDucky

    VATRP survey

    Couldn't decide where to put this... Disclaimer: I am not affiliated or work with the VATRP team. They are looking for feedback on communication methods, how we use it, what we like or dislike etc. The questions cover a lot; the survey is for people who...
  19. DeafDucky

    Best selling true crime author Ann Rule dies
  20. DeafDucky

    New update regarding FCC User RegistrationDB

    Got this from ZVRS... Not looking so great... ZVRS Dear Valued Z Customer: In 2013, in an effort to prevent fraud waste and abuse, the FCC began discussions to require VRS providers to collect the last four digits of our customer’s social security number as well as their date of birth in an...